Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fifteen Years

*photo of TH and me cutting our wedding cake:

Tonight I’m sitting on my deck on perhaps one of the most beautiful evenings of the year.  September really knows how to do weather right in Iowa: light, tickly breeze, beautiful blue sky, a perfect 73 degrees.  I hear lawn mowers in the distance and the crickets are already chirping their evening symphony, even though it’s just after 5 p.m. Reggie is crunching on the remains of a bag of Tostitos that was left outside by one of the kids. His ears perk up when he hears the bark of a distant neighbor’s dog.

Bumblebee is inside doing her homework, or pretending to do her homework anyway.  The last time I checked, she was distracted by the coupons from the Sunday paper that were strewn around the dining room table. 50% off soft serve, add your own toppings ice cream is more interesting than the rules of plural words. So we’ll see if she’s done when I go inside. Later, we’ll snuggle in bed as I read another chapter of Harry Potter to her. I’ll nuzzle her close to me and smell her shampooed hair as I read about the adventures of Harry and his funny friends.

The Boy’s at football practice.  Later on, when I pick him up, he will smell nastier than I thought my sweet little guy could ever smell. He’ll be drenched in sweat, his awesome curly hair will be wet along the hairline, and he’ll greet me with a cheerful smile and because he’s a sensitive kid with a heart of gold, a “Hey, Mom, how are you feeling today?” before he slides into the car and I have to put the air freshener up to my nose like a gas mask so I don’t pass out from his sweaty stench. Because I’m not feeling well this evening, he’ll happily make dinner after he’s cleaned up from practice.

Hollywood is at cross country practice.  She’ll stop home, breeze through the house like she does so often these days.  Always on her way to somewhere else; her constant absence is God’s way of preparing us for her departure next year.  On her way to the shower (she’s got to work this evening), she’ll share a bright and funny story about one of her friends with me, or she’ll ruffle her sister’s hair and chat with her until she absolutely has to get ready for work. Then she’ll head out the door, with a quick hug goodbye, looking like she belongs on a television show.

Goblin is calm at the moment, but that won’t last long.  Soon s/he’ll start practicing the dance moves, or perhaps it’s soccer, or maybe a ninja competition that s/he’s training for.  This pregnancy hasn’t been easy on me, and I complain to my family about my discomforts far too much, but in reality, I’m enjoying every second of it.  There is life inside of me.  I’m about to add a fourth child to this beautiful, perfect family of mine.

Do you know who’s responsible for all of this?  Well, God, of course. But He chose The Husband to walk with me through this life.  It wasn’t a traditional beginning and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t doubts along the way.  But look at everything I have now.  I have our modest, but colorful home in a beautiful neighborhood.  I have three of the most amazing children on the planet, and another one on the way.  I have a dog who annoys the ever loving snot out of me at times, but who I wouldn’t trade for the world.  And the cats?  Well, this is a counting your blessings kind of post, so I’m going to skip over them for now. 

I have all of this because of the man who will share an anniversary with me tomorrow.  A man who I can truly say means a thousand times more to me on this beautiful evening than he did on the day we got married. I don’t know how that’s possible; I was very much in love with him then. But it’s amazing how experience, life, and years make that feeling grow.

Fifteen years ago we got married on a beautiful September Saturday in a park with our family and friends.  Counting the years before we married, I have been with The Husband for half of my life now.  We don’t have an ooey gooey romantic relationship.  We went out to dinner for ‘cheap Mexican’ (with Bumblebee in tow) this weekend under the pretense of celebrating the milestone.  Truth be told, I just didn’t want to cook that night. We didn’t give each other gifts this year for our anniversary, and we didn’t get to take a trip together like we usually do. In fact, we won’t even be spending it together in the same state because of TH’s work schedule.  But that’s ok.  We have a marriage that works, and has grown stronger, especially in the past few years, because of our respect and commitment to each other.  The Husband has given me, quite literally, my world.  This world that I’m taking in as I write on my deck and look out over the beautiful September evening. And I’m counting that as my anniversary present.  It’s a pretty kick-ass gift, if you ask me.

So… Happy Anniversary to a couple of kids who got in way over their heads when they were young. It was a rocky, scary beginning, but it led us to the serenity and comfort that we have today. We’ve come a long way since those days, and I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating fifteen years of being married to The Husband.

Love you.


Here's a walk down memory lane...

Here we are while I was in labor with Hollywood.  The doctor peeking out behind my mom is the same doctor I see today.  He has less hair now.

And here we are as a young family. (Love TH's studly sunglasses!)

At my brother-in-law's wedding when The Boy was a baby:

I have no idea when this was taken, and it's not particularly flattering of me, but holy cow.  The Husband looks like a movie star here!

These next two are fairly recent, within the last few years anyway:


It's kind of crazy looking at how we've aged through the years!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I should probably write a real blog post one of these days, huh?

Yeah, I know.  And I will. Soon.

Fall is chaotic with school activities.  I'm getting HUGE.  There is no more room in my stomach to eat food, so I'm eating ice cubes and getting calories through Kool-Aid.

I don't think I'm waddling yet.  At least I'm trying REALLY hard not to.  If I'm living in a dream world and you have seen me waddle, please don't shatter my illusions.  I do not waddle. 

Seven weeks left, folks.  The home stretch.  I can do this.  Really, I can. I've been telling Goblin that if s/he shows up a couple of weeks early, I'll forever consider him/her to be my favorite kid.  Think that's incentive enough to leave my comfy womb?