Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas in Seoul - Day 4


December 26, 2015

I am writing this in the early morning of Sunday, and am so happy to announce that Reggie has been found. As you'll be able to tell, we did have fun yesterday, but I was obsessively searching for wifi signals so that I could check my phone for any word of him, and of course we were all worried. Now that we know he's home safe, we'll be able to relax for the rest of the week. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out. I can only imagine how happy Reggie is to be at home where he'll feel comfortable. My couch will look like Chewbacca's lounge chair when we get back, but what the hell, I don't even care.

Now - here's the recap of yesterday!

We started off today with Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Keeping it healthy, this week, you know.
*photo of Krispy Kreme donuts.

As we ate, we decided to play Catch Phrase, which is random, but also something that we love to do together. Nati is the funniest at it because she just randomly comes up with words to describe, but she plays it perfectly.

*photos of us playing Catch Phrase


Poor Tyler - he's always got one of the little girls on his shoulder. He's kind of a big deal in our family.
*pic of Nati on Ty's shoulders

Then we were off to the Hongdae neighborhood for the day. It was about a 40 minute subway ride away. The subway is becoming much more familiar already.

*pic of Vali, me, and Nati on the subway.

Jake and Dusty fell asleep on the ride, and it cracks me up how similar they look in this photo:


Hongdae has a different vibe to it than Gangnam. It's edgier than Gangnam, with alleyways filled with shops and  artsy things. Some photos of the neighborhood:




A store called Condomania. I love the neon condom next to the Merry Christmas sign:




In Hongdae we went to a museum called the Trickeye Museum. It was so bizarre, as you'll see from the photos, but a great deal of fun for us all. Basically, the museum consists of dozens of paintings and areas built so that you can stand in them and take photos. The photos then come out looking 3-dimensional, or weird, or funny. Take a look. Be warned, some are very, um, uncomfortable:

*photos of the Trickeye Museum:




I don't know why the little weird guy here's pants are down. There were tons of strange things like that here.



Nice legs, Tyler!









This is a disturbing cupid. But not as disturbing as the giant superman who had a very large, er..., boner. I didn't get a pic of that because there was a line of people who were doing all sorts of crazy poses with aroused superman.

I did get some other awkward photos that will disturb our children forever, though:



Especially this one:


This is not the superman I was referring to earlier. But I swear I'm going to replace Dusty's Facebook profile pic with this one as a joke someday.


We took so many more, but these are some of my favorites.

There was also a room called the Ice Museum. It was a very odd place where sculptures of things were made from ice and you could take pics in there too.

Giant Panda made of ice:


Huge ice slide:


No idea. And what's worse, Vali touched it and said it was "squishy!"
*photo of an ice toilet with as swirl of brown "poop"

It was such a strange place, but we all left laughing and enjoying ourselves so I'd call it a win for sure.

We wandered around Hongdae to find some lunch and ended up in a little hole in the wall burger place. But the food was great, and the workers in there seemed happy to have us there even though it was tiny and we took up most of the seating space.

*pics from the burger place

After going to lunch, we walked back near where we started and went to the Hello Kitty cafe. This is a complete tourist trap, and Dusty said spending the hour we did there drained him of his masculinity, but the girls loved it.

*photos from the Hello Kitty cafe





As Nati was devouring this cake, she said with perfect comedic timing, "Bye-bye, Hello Kitty Eye!" and then ate the eyeball.



After having our coffee and dessert, we walked back through Hongdae to the subway and took in the sights. I loved the vibe of Hongdae - this city is so freaking cool.

The boys went to see the Star Wars movie while the girls came back to the hotel to do laundry and relax. I'm still not adjusted to the time difference and having Reggie missing has added to my lack of sleep (since daytime when they can look for him is nighttime here.) Nati wasn't going to sit through a movie that would not hold her interest, and Brie and Vali weren't really into Star Wars, so we let the boys go without us. And that turned out to be great. I do love me some downtime.

The men said that they LOVED Star Wars. It got a thumbs up from all three of them.

I don't remember what's on today's schedule. We spent a good hour finishing up our schedule for the rest of the week based on the weather forecast. But do you think I can recall any of it? No! Brie and Tyler are coming over when they get up and we'll get out and about.

We are having such a great time here. And thank god for Reggie being found safe - we can continue to have fun and be more relaxed.


Alison said...

LOVE the photos in that museum! Enjoy your family!

ludakristen said...

Seems like you are all having so much fun, and I'm relieved to hear about Reggie! How long will you be staying?

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the guys asleep on the subway. Classic! But that museum is crazy! How much fun!