Sunday, October 12, 2014

Superhero Birthday Party!

This little gal turns 3 on Wednesday. I know! I can't believe it either.


It all started with underpants. Nati picked out a set of superhero underpants when she was potty training and they are her favorites. This year when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she said a "green superhero girl"!

So, I made her a superhero costume. I didn't use a pattern, just sewed a cape and a silver skirt and bought a green superhero mask. I think I'm going to spray her hair green and put it up in pigtails for Halloween. Anyway, I decided that since she has an October birthday, we'd have a superhero birthday party as well. It was a big hit. I love this kind of stuff, decorating and putting a theme together channels my inner art class nerd. I didn't spend very much on this, unless you count time, and I really only started on this a week ago, working a few evenings here and there.

My favorite part of this was SuperNati's logo.  I was just going to use a lightning bolt with the letter "n" but Vali suggested that we make it a silouette of a girl with pigtails instead. And so, here's how it turned out:


I love it!

The next thing I did was create a city skyline. I made it out of posterboard and post-it notes cut into smaller squares for the windows. I simply taped it to the wall. The SuperNati beacon light is just the logo printed on yellow paper with the beam added on.


I then added some cut outs that said "pow" "biff" and "zap" along with some balloons. SuperNati approved:


This completed the cupcake table's backdrop. Speaking of cupcakes, I just made some lemon and dulce le leche cakes and added bright frosting. I used cardstock to print the toppers on. (SuperNati logo, some speech bubles, and some "pow!" and sunbursts with the number 3.) To place the cupcakes at varying heights, I wrapped a couple of empty boxes in polka dot wrapping paper and set some of the cakes on the boxes.



I made snacks for the party, but they were on another table. My mother-in-law brought an adorable cheese ball that looked like a pumpkin. The green things in the background are my kryptonite krispie treats.


My mother-in-law also brought these cute little jack-o-lantern oranges. The kids loved them!


Parties at our house are very informal. There's food and drinks and the adults hang out. Usually the men go outside and have cigars while the women chat in the kitchen or sun room. The weather was so perfect yesterday that we had a lot of time outside, which was awesome! Vali wanted to add some structure to the party, so we came up with some ideas of 'stations' for the kids. There were six toddlers at this party and a couple of older kids.

First, though, we had to turn the kids into superheroes. So I made these capes out of fleece:


Here's Vali with hers:


I used iron-on transfers to put each kid's initials on the back of the cape. As you can tell, I wasn't terribly exacting about it all, but for something like $2 a cape, they were worth it. The kids loved them. Here they are in the sandbox, all superheroed out:


and the view from the back is even better:


I didn't expect the kids to keep them on all day, but they did. I think the lightweight fleece was perfect for it! Some more pics of superheroes at play:

Isn't my niece just beautiful?


And here's Super Simon!


Here's a fun pic of Super Riley and Super Gracie posing with SuperNati!


So, back to the stations. We set up tables with play-doh, some superhero coloring pages, and little pumpkins that the kids could decorate. They loved them:





That about sums it up. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by family and our awesome neighbors. After everyone went home, Nati said it was her "best birthday party ever!" Ha. High praise from a soon-to-be three-year-old! This sweet smile says it all: