Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Double Digits, Baby!"

That's what Vali has been saying today. Her enthusiasm and spunk are contagious, and I can't help but smile to think of how happy she is to be ten years old.

We celebrated this past weekend in Lincoln at Grandpa and Grandma Di's house. Here are the kids with their cousins:


Last night we took Vali out to dinner at Hickory Park (a well-loved local BBQ place) where she got a birthday sundae delivered by singing wait staff. Friday she's taking a couple of friends to a local amusement park, so this really is more of a birthweek celebration.

This morning she opened gifts. She's getting a new bedroom since her big sis is moving into an apartment, so many of her presents were decorations for her room. But she did get a couple of things that weren't room related. Bright orange shoes, headphones, and a hair cut with BANGS!

I took this afternoon off to take her to the mall, where we shopped, ate, and goofed around.



Grandma joined us and Vali got to open up her presents.



After we got home, we took it easy by ordering pizza and having a living room picnic while watching a movie.


I made a cake, but didn't get around to frosting it. No matter, Vali wanted just the cake with ice cream anyhow!



She finished of the night by having a sleepover at her best friend's house, which is the ultimate in celebration for her.

Ten years old. It's hard to believe. I'm so blessed to have the wonderful children I was given. Happy birthday, baby girl.


Karibean said...

Looks like she had a great time! (And I love the bangs)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

She is starting to look like a pre-teen! Happy Birthday to your sweetie girl!