Monday, April 29, 2013

The Boy's First Prom - and a Perfect Weekend.

We looked like a Home Depot commercial yesterday. I was on hands and knees rolling on porch paint while  The Husband was replacing the garage lights. The weather was a perfect 75, Valerie and her friends were playing in the back yard with Natalie, and the dog was resting on the driveway watching us work. Jake had been up all night for prom, and was sleeping soundly in his cave of a bedroom. As I rolled that paint on back and forth, back and forth, I thought about how sometimes life is as idyllic as it appears in those commercials aired on HGTV.

Saturday night was prom, and although only a Sophomore, Jake was invited by a friend of his who is a Junior. We had picked up the tux earlier in the week and ran to the florist to pick up the corsage. Since our son doesn't have a job, he owes us "chore hours" to pay for prom activities. We spent a few hours weeding and raking the berm in our backyard. This berm is huge - about 25 feet across by 12-15 feet tall. It's covered in river rock and houses our septic lift tank. I have never quite known what to do with the area, and over the past two summers when I wasn't into yardwork because of pregnancy or having a baby to care for, it became overgrown with tall weed grass. Not pretty. Anyway, Jake and I spent a few hours doing the tedious task of raking up the river rock, ripping out the root base of grasses that have overgrown the area, and then placing the rocks back. I've already spent at least 20 hours on the stupid thing and we are maybe 1/4 of the way done. Oy.

Before long, it was time to get ready for prom.

Jake asked me if I know how to put suspenders on. "Uh... I think you'll want your dad to help there, Buddy." I said.




They finally got it all figured out:


As I watched him help Jake get dressed, I felt sort of left out. Of course when Brie went to prom, I helped her along the way: did her hair, painted her toenails, laced up her dress... But with my son, I watched his dad get him ready. It was a much quicker process than it had been with Brie.

Speaking of Brie, you'd think I would be used to her being away at college by now, but all of this prom activity made me lonesome for her something fierce. I remembered back to her two proms and the fond memories I have of helping her get ready and watching her go... Sigh. But - she'll be home for the summer in a few weeks, and it will feel good to have her around again.

We took a couple of pictures of Jake at home before heading out to meet his friends:


I love this one... I think it's because the expressions on the kids' faces perfectly captures the personality of each one of them. My porch looked terrible in this photo, but as of last night it is freshly painted.


We took pictures out at the farmhouse of a friend of Jake's. How great is this photo?


Jake's friend Chloe put on his boutonniere:


And then the friends posed together. I love this one of the boys:



And the girls:


And Jake being silly:



Finally, it was time for them to head off to dinner. Here they are before getting into the car. Don't you just love the smile on that son of mine?


Our school still does the grand march where the town meets up at the prom and announces the couples as they walk in. Luckily, this year it was nice and warm, so we didn't freeze as we watched the couples enter the prom venue.

Jake came home Sunday morning exhausted, and said he had a great time. All weekend long, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief that he can be old enough to go to prom. At one point, I was all choked up thinking about how fast it goes from prom to graduation to college. But then I decided to busy myself with chores to shut off my brain. And that worked for a little while.


Lisa Lavia Ryan said...

Love this, Monica! GREAT pictures. The time goes so quickly, doesn't it?

Jen subra said...

What great pics of Jakob and Dusty! Very special!It does seem like each year goes by more quickly. I can't let my brain think that Tess will be a senior next year. :\