Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy birthday, Goblin!

I don't have it in me to write up a long sentimental post about Goblin's birthday, so I'll just share photos from her party this weekend. You know me, though, I'm feeling pretty sappy about it all. I just can't believe she's already a year old.

We had a fun weekend, in which Goblin was the star of the show. Hollywood was home and she helped me take some fun "baby boudoir" photos:


Saturday was rainy and cold, so we stayed inside and got ready for Sunday's party. It was a fun party. I always look around at events like these and thank God for the family He blessed me with. It's always a pleasure getting together for birthdays and events.

I didn't go all out for Goblin's party because, hey. She's one. I'll conserve my energy for when she's big enough to remember. But I got her dressed up in a fun outfit:

(Got the shirt on Etsy)


And I made her some fun cupcakes:


They're monsters:


I had fun making them. Although I tried to make the cakes purple and they turned out kind of gray and weird looking. Note to self: don't try that again.

The party was fun. The birthday girl got lots of hugs:





Goblin got a ridiculous amount of presents:


Bumblebee was happy to help her open them all.


Yes, she was clutching that water bottle and carrying it everywhere. Weird kid.


Sock monkey hug! (And baby needs a kleenex.)

This car was a big hit:


Cousin Simon is helping Goblin drive:


Goblin wasn't so sure about the singing of "Happy Birthday" by everyone:


This is why I need to open up the wall between my kitchen and living room. We have a big family!


But she loved the ice cream!


The party was fun, and despite being on stimulation overload all day long, and eating nothing but sugar all day, Goblin was pretty well behaved. After the party, my brothers and our families went to the apple orchard/pumpkin farm. I've got tons of great shots of that adventure (the kids had a blast, even The Boy!) but I'll share them another day.

I took today off, and not much is on the agenda, but I'm happy to be able to snuggle with the birthday girl all day long.

Happy birthday to our Baby Bug.

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

A year already!
You did a great job (as usual) with the theme and the feet on the cupcake holders!