Monday, September 17, 2012

Look out, world!

"Hmm. I see Mamma over there."

Walking 2

"Hi, Mamma!"

Walking 3

"Look at me!"

Walking 4

"I'm cool."

Walking 5

"This walking thing is a breeze!"

Walking 6

"See how good I am at it?"

Walking 7

"Yeah. I know I'm awesome."

Walking 8

Kid's a walking machine. It's pretty cute, but she has frequent falls. I predict many future bruises.

We had a great weekend. Well - most of it was great.

Hollywood was home for the weekend. It was so great to see her. School is going well for her, but she's got a full load with 18 credits.

She babysat the crew so that we could go out to dinner since Friday was our wedding anniversary. On the way there, I ran over this lovely carriage bolt:


When it happened, It just felt like a bump on the freeway, but it became pretty clear with the thwack, thwack, thwack sound we heard that it was something related to the tire. Luckily, it happened not far from where we were going to eat, so we pulled off the freeway and into the parking lot of Buzzard Billy's.

The Husband found the bolt sticking out of the tire, removed it, and a WHOOSH of air came out of the tire. Then he put on the spare.


Thank Goodness this happened when he was with me. I took one look at that crazy Kia-made jack and would never have been able to figure out how to use it. (Haha, who am I kidding? That sentence implies that I'd have been able to change the tire if I had a jack that wasn't all weird like our Kia jack. That's sooo not true, I'd have been up a creek no matter what kind of jack we had.)

We had a nice dinner after the tire was changed, though. TH's mom happened to be at the same restaurant as us, so we chatted with her for a while.

The next day, TH took the car in to fix the tire. It couldn't be fixed, and we had to buy a new tire. But guess what? Tires apparently come in pairs, so we had to buy TWO tires. Grrr... That anniversary dinner ended up costing around $400.

Saturday night we took the family out to dinner. Hollywood was up in Ames visiting her boyfriend and she called to see if we wanted to meet for dinner. We had our favorite Ames pizza (Great Plains, yum!) and then went out for some gelato. The place we found wasn't very good, but it was still fun to think back about our trip to Italy.

I spent yesterday cleaning out my closet and selling some stuff on eBay and CraigsList. We are trying to go through closets and storage areas to get rid of our junk since the annual bulk garbage day is coming up. How's that for exciting?!

Anyway, that's about how our weekend went. It was great to see Hollywood and her boyfriend, and it's pretty awesome watching Goblin walk everywhere. I have to admit that I love the walking so that I can put cute little skirts and dresses on her - when she was crawling, they'd just get in the way.

Happy Monday!! We've got a busy week again. Football game tonight and the usual weekly activities from then on.


Beth said...

The two times I've changed a tire - you know, for "practice" - I've had a professional racing jack and power tools. Dan keeps saying "you know how to change a tire!" and I'm like "Yeah, if I have a flat in the parking lot of the race shop." Derp.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I can't believe Goblin is walking! That first year sure went fast!