Saturday, July 28, 2012

Outdoor Cinema Themed Party

It's 10:25 a.m. and the guests just left. Ten of Bumblebee's closest friends spent the night last night for her birthday party. They had a blast, and I'm not as tired this morning as I'd have guessed.  (But I do see a nap in my future!) The Boy was rescued by his friend and he spent the night away from it all. Probably a good idea.

The theme was an Outdoor Cinema party. These were the invitations:


The goods:


Once everyone showed up, they got these movie 'kits.'


The water bottle idea was something I saw on Pinterest, I think, and it turned out to be the best idea. I took the label off of a bottle of water and replaced it with colored duct tape and then put each child's name on the bottle.


Easy peasy. You know how at parties kids lose track of which drink is theirs? This solved that problem! When their bottle was empty, we just had them refill it from the sink and they could add another flavor pouch to it if they wanted. It worked out really well.

Of course I had to make cupcakes. These were so cute.


I just made vanilla cakes with buttercream frosting. The "popcorn" is made from marshmallows. I smashed them and then cut them into clover shapes, then attached a little nub (a piece of a marshmallow) to the top of each one. The more irregular the better. Then I used a pastry brush to add the "butter" which was just equal parts yellow food coloring and water.

"popcorn" cupcakes for Vali's 'outdoor cinema' party

The wrappers were just cut from red and white striped scrapbook paper and taped around the cupcakes. I found the "popcorn" clip art online and cut it out and taped it to the wrappers. The girls loved them:


We finally had a break from the heat and the girls were able to sit outside to open presents. It was such a relief to be able to spend time outside. It's been over 100 degrees for like three weeks in a row or something. No exaggeration.


Typical cheeseball, Bumblebee.


After the girls played for a bit, we let it get good and dark, and the outdoor movie began.

We had a snack bar:


And we projected the movie on the garage door:


That's the movie "The Parent Trap." Back when Lindsay Lohan was adorable. I love the movie and the girls enjoyed it.

We played "Movie Bingo" too. This kept their attention on the movie, at least for a bit. Bumblebee and I came up with items that were in the movie and I created this bingo sheet on photoshop. I scrambled the order of the items so that each card was different, and gave the girls a marker to cross them off.


The girls got to choose from a prize basket in the order they found they got BINGO.

After the movie, it was pretty late, so they went downstairs to watch tv, play Kinect, and do whatever eleven nine year old girls do. All I have to say about that is this: Thank goodness for my walkout ranch house. They didn't get much sleep, and I didn't have to listen to them.  I gave them a strict rule that if they had to come upstairs to use the restroom, they had to do it two at a time. This was so that there weren't seven kids making noise in the bathroom, which would surely wake up the baby.

I did do a sneaky maneuver. I hid the baby monitor downstairs so I could tell if they were getting too noisy. I had it on mute, but my monitor has a light display that tells you how loud the noise level is. Yep. It was pretty noisy. Again, hooray for a walkout basement!

The girls didn't sleep much. But that's the fun of a slumber party, right?  Even so, they were up and at 'em at six thirty a.m., ready to go.

I gave them a breakfast of fruit and donuts. Why not let them go home to their folks all jacked up on even more sugar?


I converted their popcorn holders into 'treat bags' by washing them out and placing a few (cheap) items into them.


They played outside the rest of the morning and had a nice time.  This is what my driveway looked like this morning:


I'm not even going to show you what the basement still looks like. It needs some serious help. But I think it's time for a nap first.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Bumblebee is NINE!?
You could have a side career as a party planner. You really do a great job with the themes and decorum.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Ummm...spellcheck thinks your decor has decorum.

caddsm said...

I have a wedding coming up....I need help with the decor!!!

Anonymous said...

I only have three words to say........You are amazing.

Karibean said...

What a fun party! You're such a good mama!

Stacey Junkins said...

Wow - I'd much rather watch/learn about the cool stuff you come up with than ol' Martha Stewart any day! What a neat theme party!