Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nephew Number 7 (on my side of the family)

Meet William Atticus:
*photo of Will
My brother and sister-in-law brought this little man into the world on Friday. (yeah, a Friday the 13th baby. He's already awesome.)

I have five brothers - three of whom have had children.  They have all had boys. Brother E and his wife have three boys. Brother S and his wife have two, and now brother K and his wife have two as well. The only granddaughters my parents have are the three The Husband and I have had.

My brother and his wife didn't find out the sex of baby Will, so the announcement text after the baby was born said:

"I am not the first <family name> boy to make a girl."

Took me a second to realize that meant that they had another little man. 

Here he is talking to his mama:

And here he is with his daddy:

Some closeups of his adorable face. (He'll open his eyes for me another time.)




He might have been getting tired of my camera in his face...


Yep, definitely irritated with me.


He's a keeper.  Welcome to the family, Will.

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