Monday, July 2, 2012

Lose 30 by 40 - Week 1 Results:

This will probably bore you all to tears, but it's all about accountability for me, folks, so here goes.

Drum roll....

After a week of following my version of The South Beach Diet, my official weigh in today showed that I have lost 7.0 pounds!!

I can't believe it. 

How'd I do it? I stopped eating sugar (except for the cupcake I allowed myself to eat at my nephew's birthday party on Saturday) flour, and starches.  After one more week on the strict Phase 1 of the plan, I will slowly begin introducing good starches (oatmeal, whole grains, etc.) back into my diet.

I won't lose this much weight again. The first week is always a shock to your body's system (remember Biggest Loser contestant's first week losses? Yowza.) but after that I'm sure I will slow down to 1-2 pounds lost per week. 

This week was HARD. I was grouchy, had headaches, and felt sluggish, especially yesterday.

I noticed some interesting things about my eating patterns, especially that I am a stress-eater and that I eat when I'm bored or fidgety. Definitely things to keep in mind. Trying to find habits to replace the eating in those situations.  Today I feel pretty darn good. Maybe because that seven pound loss is stuck in my head? I'll take it.  Hopefully I can keep up the good work and get to that goal of mine.


Lydia @ Inhabit the Beauty said...

woot, woot!

Those are excellent results. Congratulations! Also, you're halfway through the worst part, right? I'm not a SBD expert, but I think I remember hearing people say that the first two weeks is killer.

Great job!

Monnik said...

Yep. Those first two weeks are rough. But you're right, I'm halfway through. Which is a good thing.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm also a stress eater. We cut out all white sugar, 2 years ago when we became diabetics.
In year, my husband lost 40 pounds and I lost 30.
I still crave donuts and cookies but I haven't had one in 2 years!

Karibean said...

Yay! (Personally, I don't think you weigh enough to lose 30 pounds but I will still celebrate with you.) I just read that focusing on putting good & real food INTO your body rather than avoiding bad food is a better way to mentally handle the change! Good luck :)

JoAnn (The Casual Perfectionist) said...

That's awesome! Congrats! Another big thing that can help on two fronts is drinking your water. A good gauge is to take your weight and divide it by two. That's how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day! When I did my weight loss journey, I was SHOCKED at how much that played a part!

Why is it two-fold? It also helps curb hunger. Did you know our brains can't really truly distinguish between thirst and hunger? They almost always jump to hunger FIRST. Weird, huh?