Monday, June 18, 2012

We interrupt the Italy posts...

To blog a bit about the kiddos.

Last week Goblin figured out that she could get places by crawling a step or two, flopping on her belly to rest, then crawling a few more steps. Rinse, lather, repeat. It almost looked like a little frog hop maneuver.

Sophie, my brother's miniature schnauzer, was hanging out with us for the weekend, and Goblin was fascinated by her. She's so small and soft, and Goblin wanted very much to play with her. Because we like Sophie and didn't want her to lose an ear, we kept Goblin away from her.

But, like a teenager who is told she can't go out with her high school dropout boyfriend, our efforts to keep Goblin away from Sophie only intensified her desire to reach her.  Something finally clicked. The mechanics of crawling all of a sudden fell into place and she was off. She zipped across the floor and was caressing Sophie before I could get off the couch. Shortly after being denied access to Sophie, she zipped to the stairs, the power strip under the TV, and straight for the pile of shoes near the front door. (Gross. Shoes in her mouth? Gag, gag, gag.) My house is rapidly becoming babyproofed.

But learning how to crawl isn't enough, apparently. Now she has learned how to pull herself into a standing position. When she's indignant about being plopped into her crib for a nap, she no longer has to take it lying down. Oh no - now she can stand up, hold on to her crib gate, and scream to her heart's content. She hasn't quite figured out that it's safer to stand supported by something stationary. She thinks pulling herself up on something that's easy to grab is ok. Like, say, a blanket that's draped over the sofa. Or by grabbing a fist full of the dog's fur... That's not working out so well for her. I predict a few bruises in her future.

She is also teething, which is kind of sad and pathetic. The first tooth popped through without much fanfare, but that second one is a major pain in the ass. All day yesteray, she fussed, slobbered, and had a steady stream of clear snot coming out of her nose. She was slightly feverish, just enough to make her miserable. Tylenol was a miracle drug for a bit, but after it wore off, she was back to her state of misery.  Hopefully the subterranean tooth will join it's above-ground friend soon.

In other kid news, The Boy is enjoying his summer. He's got weight lifting for the summer football program, and he's active in our church's youth group. We're looking online for a summer writing workshop geared for teenagers. If I can find one that's reputable, it would be worth it for him.

Bumblebee is her usual crazy self. She chatters on and on to fill any silences that might occur in our household. If there's a lull in any conversation, she likes to say, "Well this is awkward!" It makes me laugh, because it's totally her personality, but I have to say that silence is such a rare commodity in our household these days that I don't share her perception of it being awkward.

Hollywood is enjoying her summer, and is working and getting ready for college. I'm pretending that college isn't going to happen, but I imagine that my head will be firmly yanked from it's cozy position in the sand once August rolls around.

I've got a couple more posts to prepare about our trip to Italy, so stay tuned if that's interesting to you. If not, well, stay tuned anyway. :)

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Beth said...

Yes, what IS it with shoes? Gross.