Friday, June 15, 2012

More of Rome: People and Motorcycles

I love people watching. I could do it all day long. I like to see what people are doing, what they’re wearing, how they are carrying themselves, if they’re happy, sad, angry, confused, etc. More often than not, I make up stories about them in my head.

Rome had some of the most amazing people watching I’ve ever seen. It was every bit as colorful as at the Iowa State Fair – and that’s saying a LOT! Here are a few examples:

I love this photo so much. I snapped it because it was McDonald’s – serving espresso and a breakfast roll (for 1.20!!) but right as I snapped it, this guy with the spiky hair and the man purse walked by. It totally makes the photo, doesn’t it?


Rome was full of such colorful people. The fashion was something else. People would walk down the cobblestone/brick streets in five inch stilettos at high noon. We saw one lady get her heel stuck in the road, but that didn’t seem to stop them.

Check out this lady and her dog:


We stayed in the fashion district in Rome and I felt like we were watching a parade of models walk by us at times. It was absolutely clear who was a tourist (comfy clothes) and who was a local.Roman people are skinny. Oh, I'm sure there are heavy Romans, but for the most part, the locals were all very svelte. Probably from walking everywhere. I'm pretty sure my chubbiness flagged me as an American right away.

It was fun to watch the Italians ride around on their scooters. They were fearless as they drove them, weaving in and out of lanes in traffic, alongside buses fearlessly.  Many of the smaller streets were for 'foot traffic only' but I think that must mean that motorcycles and scooters can go there too, because it was not uncommon to see small streets lined with motorcycles like this:


Here's another one. Cute little alley with bistro seats, and motorcycles everywhere:


The tourists were fun to watch too. Look at this lady. I want to be her when I retire. I LOVE the floral sun hat and the smile on her face:

hat lady

So this is a stall post of sorts, because I haven't uploaded many of my pictures to Flickr yet, but this weekend I will write more on the amazing sights we saw.

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