Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lose 30 by 40

In exactly 8 months, I will turn 40. I have decided that since I'm done having children (unless the Good Lord plays a really sick and twisted joke on me) I need to lose this baby weight once and for all. So... I'm starting a new effort.

I like to call it "Lose 30 by 40".  Pretty obvious that I want to lose 30# by the time I turn 40.

Yesterday I started my variation of the South Beach Diet. That means that it has been roughly 43.5 hours since I have had sugar or flour. Yesterday was a breeze. Today, not so much. I think by tomorrow I might be in prison for maiming someone.

I've been testing code today at work. Doing things like searching for anchor tags and proper header order, making sure frame titles are present and meaningful, and making sure that hover text can be spawned by using your 'enter' key. Really fun stuff. Aside from it being boring, the code is buggy as hell (which means that it's broken) And broken code a week before deployment stresses me the heck out.

Funny thing, I've learned that I'm a stress eater. Oh I knew this before, but it's interesting to actually see it in action. I've gotten up twice without noticing it to head to the vending machine. Both times I grabbed a coffee stirrer to chew on. It's helping.

I texted my friend G who is going gluten and dairy free because of GI issues. Told her I was jonesing for m&ms. She gave me a fantastic visualization technique. Told me to imagine those m&ms stuck on my rear end. It gave me the giggles. But it kind of grossed me out enough to decide that the straw to chew on (and another cup of watered down coffee) was enough to keep me going.

So wish me luck. I'll post about my progress from time to time... Encouragement is WELCOME!!

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Karibean said...

Good luck! We have cut WAY back on gluten, grains, & sugar. Feels great-- but the 1st 2 weeks are ROUGH. Let me know if you want some recipes-- there are some delicious sugar free "treats" that will tide you over. :)