Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation: the Party Decorations

The graduation party was a great success.  We held it at our house, which was a total rookie mistake. I'm pretty sure that for the rest of the kids, I'll be renting a venue and having the party somewhere else. It was chaos trying to get the house in order while preparing for an overseas trip, taking care of four kids, working a million hours, etc. etc. How I managed not to have a nervous breakdown is still a mystery.

I love doing crafty fun things, and thoroughly enjoyed making the decorations for the shin-dig. Hollywood chose a color scheme of tangerine and turquoise, and from there I kind of went crazy. Here are some of the things I did:

Streamers made out of cheap plastic tablecloths, idea, courtesy of Pinterest:

I did a lot with those tiny clothespins. This "Congratulations" banner was fun:

I wanted to put up a lot of her artwork from over the years, so I created this 'Masterpieces' wall. Another idea I got from Pinterest: (yes, she really did create those pictures - aren't they amazing?!)

Not all of her artwork could be hung that way, so we placed some throughout the house:

Along the tops of the walls, I hung photographs from ribbon with little clothespins:

And then, of course, we had the photo collages that Hollywood created for her friends. I made the Wisconsin one:

The rest of the house had fun decorations too. Above the fireplace:

The guest sign-in table where we used the book "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" as the guestbook:

I made some cute little cutouts and taped them to skewers to decorate the cupcakes:

And finally, an old window painted with chalkboard paint. This was the perfect thing to write her name on:

There were more, but this covers the basics. It was a ton of fun, but quite a bit of work. Don't be surprised if one of the colors of Goblin's first birthday party theme is turquoise or orange. :)


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You really did a beautiful job with all the decorations. I don't know when you had a chance to sleep!

Wendy Trout said...

Wow wow wow!

Jean said...

Really great decorations there! Pinterest has really a lot to offer.

Reggie Arenas said...

Beautiful! How did you hold everything together in the middle?

Monnik said...

Reggie - I used thumb tacks and then hid them with the tissue puff balls. I have horrid popcorn ceilings, though, so the tack holes weren't noticeable. If you have nicer ceilings, I would try something else.