Friday, June 8, 2012

The Graduate!

Introducing Hollywood: the Graduate! On Sunday, May, 27th, Hollywood graduated from high school.

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Here are some pictures of her with the family. I LOVE this one of her and The Husband - what a great shot of them both:

And here she is with TH and me:

And the whole family:

And here she is with her grandparents:



I LOVE this one of her with my mom:

And here she is with my brother and his family:

The ceremony was at the high school, in the gym that was about a thousand degrees.  But it was amazing.  Here's Bumblebee sitting with her friend and two of her cousins at the ceremony:

At the beginning of the ceremony, the principal announced the names of the Valedictorians. Guess who was one of them? I am SO PROUD of this kid. (Yes, I'm bragging. It's a BLOG. If you can't brag on your blog, where can you brag?)


She was also selected by her classmates to give one of the three graduation speeches. It was a wonderful speech, and it made me cry. Between the chorus singing the song "For Good" and my mama crying next to me, I was a wreck. But a happy wreck, if that makes sense.

Here she is, getting her diploma:

So it's official. She's all done with high school. I can't really believe it.

I'll be writing more about the party. We had a great turn out and while it was a lot of work, it was a great success.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Congrats to your daughter...and to you and your husband. Smart girls rock and it takes a good family to accomplish that.

Her smile is so bright!

Stacey Junkins said...

Didn't know you had a blog...neat! What a beautiful family you have! Congrats to the graduate :) Btw, your mom looks great