Friday, May 4, 2012

Senior Prom

*photo of Hollywood and her BF at prom:
I haven’t had a chance to write about Hollywood’s senior prom. I want to spend a long time writing a detailed post about how special it was. But I don’t have the time, so instead, I’ll stick with the highlights:

• She looked beautiful. (duh)

• I enjoyed spending the day doing girl things, like fixing her hair, adjusting her dress, and painting her toes.

• Her boyfriend (who is an all around great guy) made her feel special and the two of them looked like royalty.

• Speaking of royalty, she was voted prom queen, which was an unexpected and fun surprise. (Her boyfriend was voted prom prince, so they were quite the pair…)

I think what made this year so special for me was that she was so appreciative of my help. I think she really loved her hair (you can't tell from the photo above, but it was a diagonal braid that ended in a loose 'bun' of curls at her neck - with a flower placed just behind her ear) and we had so much fun getting her ready. I texted her when she was at the dance, telling her how beautiful she looked. She wrote back, “yeah, because of you!” Which was totally not true, but I appreciated her appreciation. If that makes sense. And I appreciated that she trusted me to do her hair on such an important day. Most of her friends went to have theirs done in a salon. 
But anyway… that sounds kind of self important (“she should appreciate ME!!”) but it’s not what I mean at all. When a person grows up, they stop taking their parents’ help for granted and start to realize how much their guidance means to them. Hollywood is getting to that point, and it makes me smile that she’s turning into a woman who takes the time to express her gratitude. That’s so important, I think.

Speaking of realizing how important parents are, my mom is coming home for the weekend. I’m picking her up from the airport and will get to spend some time with her this evening. I’ll only see her for a few hours, but am very much looking forward to it. I can’t wait to hear how her life in DC is going. She has a meeting at the white house today!

Three weeks until graduation weekend. I am freaking the heck out.