Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Time!

This is spring break week for the kids. We're not traveling anywhere, but we are having a fun time. And it's only Monday!

The weather has been great, so we've been able to get out and play some softball:
*photo of TH playing ball with Bumblebee:

I splurged and got myself a jogging stroller, so we've taken that out for a few spins. Goblin isn't a fan of being confined, so we're working on that. But she was happy in this picture!
*Photo of Goblin in the jogging stroller.

Today we had a day on the town. Iowa has a fabulous science center and the current traveling exhibit is called Lost Egypt. Lots of cool stuff including a real mummy and some really cool ancient artifacts.  Oh, and a camel to take pictures on:
*photo of TB, Bumblebee, and Goblin on a camel:
Camel - Science Center

Then, of course there are the fun things like a pin wall:
*photo of Bumblebee's face pushing through a pin wall:
Pin wall - Science Center

And the static electricity ball:
*photo of The Boy and Bumblebee playing with the electricity ball:

Hollywood and The Husband got off work and joined us at one of Des Moines' most interesting restaurants: Zombie Burger.  It's a fun place to go, with an undead theme.

For example, my burger was called the T-Virus (ick!) and Hollywood got the Dead Moines. But it was tasty.  And the basket of bacon and bleu cheese fries was to die for!
*photo of the fam at Zombie Burger:
Zombie Burger

I have to go back to work tomorrow, but that's ok. It's supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s this week. That is so awesome. And I have Friday off, so it'll be a short week.


WebGal said...

So jealous of your trip to Zombie Burger. I reallyw want to try that place out.

Kirsten said...

Oh, I want a Zombie Burger here!

I chuckle that Goblin doesn't like to be confined--my rugrat HATED being swaddled or sitting in a sling.