Friday, February 24, 2012

I might have a small addiction to... legwarmers.

I blame Beth. She started it by registering for a pair of adorable football babylegs when she was pregnant with her daughter Ada. I had to buy them. For her baby, and for mine.
*photo of Goblin in a Packer's outfit with football legwarmers:

But then it spiraled out of control. Goblin seriously has about 15 pairs of these things. I'm going to be sad when it gets too hot out for her to wear them anymore.
 * Photos of more babylegs:


Beth said...

Ha! Ada has 11 pairs, and I think that the only ones in common (from what I've seen!) are the football ones.

Karibean said...

I have some I should send you! (C's thighs were always too chunky) And did you know you can wear them on your own arms under t-shirts? I sometimes wear them when I do yoga! :)

Natalie is just stinking adorable by the way. :)

Barb said...

Those are so cute ~ but how can they not be with that adorable model? I wish they had those when my kiddos were small. Love them.