Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not enough hours in the day...

I haven’t written a blog post in forever, but here’s a recap of what’s been going on.

The baby is still adorable:
*photo of Goblin in a Dr. Seuss outfit

Hollywood recently made it to state in both of her speech events (musical theater and ensemble acting). That kid has talent! She’s also been working as a hostess at Old Chicago.  She recently got ‘promoted’ to server and earned $80 in tips her first day of waitressing. She loves interacting with the people, and really enjoys the money.  She has a new boyfriend.  He works at Old Chicago too.  I warned her about getting involved with coworkers at a restaurant.  Someone I know fell for the good looking cook at a 50s restaurant they both worked at in college. They’ve been together for over 19 years now and have four awesome children because of it!

The Boy continues to grow right before my eyes.  A few weeks ago I noticed mustache hair. Seriously, you guys. There is hair on my baby boy’s upper lip!!! Then I noticed his voice is deepening. Last night I noticed that his hands are giant. GIANT! He likes to sleep a lot, probably his body’s way of recovering from all of the growing it’s been doing.

Bumblebee is a trooper.  She has kind of gotten the shaft with this new baby thing.  Usurped of her baby of the family status by another cute little girl, she has had some adjusting to do. But for the most part, she’s been wonderful. I have some mommy guilt about not being able to  do as much reading together as we used to (there just aren’t enough hours in the day!) and I will stop and notice that she’s doing things on her own that just a few months ago, she’d have had me help her with. (Styling her hair, making her breakfast, etc.)

I returned to work after a twelve week maternity leave. I cried during the whole 40 minutes of my commute the first day, and for a few minutes the second day. But then I was fine. I have a good job and it’s flexible, and I work from home a day or two a week, so I really can’t complain. I had an amazing time bonding with Goblin during my maternity leave, and am so thankful that I was able to take the full twelve weeks. I don't know how people do it sooner. But truth be told, the work routine has been good for me and for Goblin. I’m very happy with her daycare provider. Lori seems to really enjoy the kids she watches, and Goblin greets her with a huge smile in the mornings. She appears to love all of the stimulation of daycare; she’s mellowed out considerably in the past few weeks.

Except for last night – she had a tough one. Cried for two solid hours, where nothing would console her. This is unusual for her. Although she can be fussy, she’s usually placated by nursing or if I put her in the Moby wrap and walk around with her.  Neither worked last night. Even the last resort trick of stripping her down and letting her lay around naked didn’t work. She finally passed out from exhaustion after a couple of hours.  She had a very full, very messy diaper this morning, so I think maybe it was a stomach ache, but I still don’t know.

I will try to do better at posting, but I’m working on a writing project that is taking up a considerable amount of my free ‘writing’ time. Still, I like to have this blog to look back upon what was happening in my life, and this is such a special time for our family that I’m sorry not to have written more.  But again, only so many hours in a day… Anyone want to lend me a few of theirs?