Thursday, October 13, 2011


My body has been preparing me for the lack of sleep that Goblin will inevitably bring by giving me a wicked case of insomnia night after night.  I used to fight it, and it about drove me crazy.  I'd lay there, trying to get back to sleep, as panic built up inside me with each passing minute of the clock.  My alarm is going to go off in three hours... My alarm is going to go off in two and a half hours... My alarm is going to go off in an hour...

I have since learned to get up and do something productive.  Sometimes it's laundry, sometimes I read a book.  Other times I spend the wee hours of the morning cruising Pinterest and thinking of all of the fabulous ways I could decorate my house if only I didn't have this pesky thing called a job to keep me busy.

Last night, I whipped out the paint and glue and craft supplies and started working on Bumblebee's Halloween costume.  I'll wait until it's complete to reveal what it is, but here's a teaser.  It involves foam board, spray paint, and those push lights.  And it's going to be awesome.

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  Here's what I wrote on twitter:*I won't embarrass myself by tweeting the details of the condition of my cervix. I'll just say this: not good enough, uterus. Work harder:

There has been a tiny amount of progress, but my doctor teased me by saying: "I'd say you have an excellent chance of... being pregnant a week from now."

Oh well. I suppose it would be too much to ask Goblin to come out a couple of weeks early just to make his/her momma more comfortable.  We'll see the little critter soon enough. 

In the meantime, look for me doing creative things at 2 in the morning.


Travis Erwin said...

I sometimes get up and write but when I do I then get tired just as I need to head off for work. Hope you continue to be productive but get some rest as well.

Emily Schultz said...

Hitting that wall myself! And I have another two months. Oh, boy.

GrannyJ said...

"WICKED" being the operative word here!!!

Monnik said...

GrannyJ, you are obsessed, woman! Feel free to tell little "Elphaba" to make an appearance RIGHT NOW. She could share her uncle D's birthday!