Monday, September 12, 2011

I should probably write a real blog post one of these days, huh?

Yeah, I know.  And I will. Soon.

Fall is chaotic with school activities.  I'm getting HUGE.  There is no more room in my stomach to eat food, so I'm eating ice cubes and getting calories through Kool-Aid.

I don't think I'm waddling yet.  At least I'm trying REALLY hard not to.  If I'm living in a dream world and you have seen me waddle, please don't shatter my illusions.  I do not waddle. 

Seven weeks left, folks.  The home stretch.  I can do this.  Really, I can. I've been telling Goblin that if s/he shows up a couple of weeks early, I'll forever consider him/her to be my favorite kid.  Think that's incentive enough to leave my comfy womb?


Anonymous said...

I have three MONTHS left, but it hurts to sneeze. Oh, the joys of being 5'1" and having a child who seems to chill out around my ribs.

Kirsten said...

This post is useless without pics...

Glad you're still doing well! Hope the home stretch isn't so bad and that everything goes smoothly until Goblin is out in the world.