Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Senior Pictures - sneak peek

I'm taking Hollywood's senior pictures myself instead of hiring a photographer to do it.  Initially I thought that would save me money, but after all of the photography equipment I've purchased over the last year, it hasn't saved me a dime. But that's ok - it's something I enjoy, and Hollywood is genuinely happy that I'm doing it because she likes to help with some of the edits on the pictures.

It's been fun and also challenging.  Two headstrong creative types with ideas on how things should turn out makes for an interesting experience.

Tonight we went down to Downtown Des Moines and got some fabulous shots.  Bumblebee was my assistant and she helped hold the reflector and carried my tripod around. I rewarded her with a happy meal from McD's afterward.

Here's a sneak peek at one of tonight's photos; my favorite of the evening:
*photo closeup of Hollywood standing by a wrought iron gate:
Senior Pictures

It sure doesn't hurt that this kid is so photogenic!  More pictures to come in the weeks ahead.  There are so many to edit and play around with!


Kristen said...

You two look so much alike.

Jim said...


I never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss Des Moines. Had a lot of good times in that city when I lived in Knoxville. My wife misses the library the most, I think. They'd lend books out to us Marion County hicks!

Anonymous said...

It can be done, and think of how much you will save on Newborn photography now that you have your own camera! What are you shooting with?

K. Spahn said...

Very cool Monica! Let me know when you want to give me lessons so I can know how to use our $$$ camera!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

She has such a gorgeous smile, I hope you got a few shots of her smiling.

We had a professional sitting done, but we weren't thrilled with the results. We ended up using one pro shot and her 2nd one was a photo that her best friend took. She was much more relaxed with her friend than she was with the pro.