Saturday, July 30, 2011


Guess who’s 8 years old today?
*photo of Bumblebee:

I really can’t believe that it’s been eight years since she joined our family.  We’re so glad she’s here. Her quick wit and spicy attitude keep us hopping.  Here’s an example:

I always give the kids a chore to do when they’re home in the summer.  Yesterday, I gave Bumblebee and The Boy the chore of folding a huge laundry basket full of socks.  There were hundreds of freaking socks to fold. I figured I had them held captive for hours with that chore!  While I was at work, she called me and got my voice mail, but since The Boy was within earshot, she pretended that she was talking to me.

"Hello, Mom? Um, we're doing chores and The Boy’s not folding any of the socks and he's just laying here making me do it all."




"Ok. I'll tell him."


"Love you too. Bye."

To The Boy, as she's hanging up the phone: "SHE SAID GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND HELP OR YOU'RE GROUNDED!"

*photo of Bumblebee laughing:
What a little punk.  I think we’re in for an interesting ride when she becomes a teenager.  Happy birthday, Bumblebee.

I love you so very much.

And I want to squish those adorable freckles of yours.
*photo of Bumblebee:


lisa said...

She is absolutely adorable! Happy birthday to her.

Kristen said...

Happy birthday, Bumblebee!

Becca said...

That story CRACKED me up. I love her sass. Happy birthday!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I smiled when I saw these photos on facebook. She is like a ray of sunshine!

Travis Erwin said...

Love that smirk. time flies.