Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to cut off the 'fro.

Somebody needs a hair cut:
*photo of The Boy with his crazy curls:
The Boy has awesome hair.  I'm jealous of it's texture, the curls, and of how amazingly thick it is.  He lets it grow long and crazy curly, and when it gets this way, his friends call him Frodo.  A combination of 'fro and a hobbit from the Shire?  Who knows...just as long as his feet don't get all crazy hairy like the hobbits on the LOTR movies.

Anyway, I love the curls, but The Boy's hair is so thick and coarse and curly that in the summer it gets really hot.  So... we chop it off at the beginning of the summer.  By the fourth of July, the curls will be back, and by the time school starts, he'll have that curly mop top again.

I have to admit, I miss the curls.  But... for a brief moment, he looks pretty respectable, doesn't he?
*photo of The Boy with his hair cut short:

Did I say 'respectable'?  I meant he looks like a freak in a can:
*photo of The Boy doing a really goofy face:


Travis Erwin said...

Bet he is cooler.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I love the curls. My cape cod kid has hair like that, but he keeps it super short on the sides and gelled straight up on top. *sigh*

andrea frazer said...

He is adorable in curls and without.