Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Egg of a Good Time

Yikes. Two depressing posts in a row is not cool.  How about we brighten things up with some pictures of Bumblebee and me decorating Easter eggs last night?

First, you have to start by putting the coloring into vinegar.  It works best if you use your husband's late grandmother's china tea cups.  I love how it fizzes:
*photo of a closeup of the fizzy coloring liquid:

Then, you make sure to stir up the fizzy liquid.  Bumblebee is wearing my sun hat.  You know, the one I wear when I'm outside so that I don't wrinkle up like a prune?  It looks cuter on her than on me. Boo.
*photo of B stirring the liquids:

Then comes the fun part.  Decorating the eggs with crayons before coloring them.  I like to draw springy things like bunnies, butterflies, and flowers.  Bumblebee likes phrases such as "rock out".  It's a personal decision.
*photo of an egg with a flower drawn on it:

*photo of Bumblebee coloring on her egg:

*photo of Bumblebee holding up her "rock out" egg:

After all of the coloring is done, we gently put the eggs in the colored vinegar and let them sit.  I like to let them sit for a long time, because the color is more vibrant:
*photo of an egg printed with "Vali-Kate" soaking in the coloring:

When you're done, all you need to do is stack the eggs on a plate, pop them in the fridge, and give the camera a goofy grin like Bumblebee is here:

Oh, and get ready for lots of egg salad sandwiches in your near future. I have to say that I love this holiday tradition so much more than carving pumpkins...  So much easier!

Happy Easter!


Travis Erwin said...

Such artistic talent and cute to boot.

ludakristen said...

That is the coolest hat.