Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is why I'm glued to the couch on Sunday afternoons...

I'm not a very consistent blogger these days, am I?

First things first.  Thank you for your prayers.  I needed them and they helped me get through a difficult time.  You all rock.

And now, onto happier subjects.  Did you hear who's going to the Super Bowl this weekend?  Oh yeah.  It's my Packers.  I love football, and I especially love my Packers.  This year, I'm minorly obsessed with this guy:

Clay Matthews (#52) is a linebacker who missed out on the Defensive Player of the Year award.  He was beaten by a hair (only two votes) by Steelers safety Troy Polamalu - the curly haired guy on the head and shoulders commercials.  So the Packers were this close to having another defensive player of the year (last year Charles Woodson won the award.) I'm pretty sure Dom Capers (defensive coordinator) has a secure job for a few years.  But, back to #52.  Clay is awesome.  My wee little fixation is 100% because of his tremendous contributions to the team.  He was our first round draft pick in 2009, and this year has had 13.5 sacks in the regular season, and 3.5 in the playoffs.  My obsession has nothing to do with his arms, honest.  (Oh, how I will miss seeing those arms every Sunday after this weekend. Sigh.)

Anyway, I probably shouldn't get too attached to Clay because whenever I start to swoon over a player, he goes somewhere else.  (I'm still heartbroken over Darren Sharper, who went to play for the Vikings, and then the Saints.)  And yes.  I do actually pay attention to the game, and not just the players. I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl, and it'll be the first time in 13 years where the commercials will take a back seat to the game.

Anyway, that's all I know at the moment. Life is trucking on, moving faster than the ballsy semi drivers who flew past me on the interstate during yesterday's blizzard. But hey, at least it's February.  Spring is only a few months away.


Travis Erwin said...

Go Pack. I work with an already conceited Steeler fan. I don't wanna here 12 months of his BS>

Dan said...

Well, since all my deep favorites have gone by the wayside, I guess I can go with the Pack.

D. Marie said...

Ugh. Being from Cleveland, I have to hate the Packers. It's in my DNA. Also, I believe there may or not be a contract somewhere so I'm, like, legally obligated or something. We can still be friends, I just know I can't come to your house on Sundays. (HA!)