Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow, I am a slacker.

It's 2011 already?  How did that happen?

The holiday season flew by this year.  It was wonderful - we spent a lot of time with family and I truly enjoyed every gathering we attended. I paused a few times to think about Mary Jane, and how we miss her so much.  But I was pleased to see that my dad is doing the best he can to carry on and enjoy his life.  2010 was a rough year, but we've said our goodbyes to it and are hoping for a better year.

2011 is looking to be a great year already.  There are some very happy things going on in the Frazzled home.

Not the least of which is this little guy.  Meet Sully, the newest member of our crazy household:
*photo of our new orange kitten:

He's awfully sweet.  And is becoming more and more brave, even though a certain giant dog keeps wanting to lick him all the time.

We are in full swing of the basketball season for The Boy and Bumblebee.  Hollywood is in speech competitions and show choir.  So it's a crazy time of year, especially since The Husband is traveling a lot for work lately.  I'm hoping that I don't get that cranky, depressed feeling this winter.  I'm trying to stay positive.  After all, the days are getting longer now.  That's good, right?

Happy New Year!

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Kirsten said...

O. M. G...I LOVE orange kittehs! He is adorable! I didn't think it was possible for any pet in your household to be cuter than your pup, but that little feline has done it! I predict that your two furbabies will be best of friends in no time.