Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank you cards

My mom sends out a weekly letter to family and friends.  A while back, she sent one that explained how disappointed she is that the practice of sending thank-you letters seems to be going by the wayside. Her letter made me stop and think.  When was the last time I had my kids sit down and send thank you letters?

I'm not going to lie.  It's been a while. I know I've done it from time to time, like around birthdays or something, but I can't remember doing it after Christmas. Sure, I could excuse it by saying that we lead busy lives, and in the midst of school, basketball, church, show choir, work, and all of our other activities, it can be hard to find time to write out letters.

But, to use a word that my mom loves to use, that's hogwash. We do have the time, and this year, we are making an effort to send letters to those who gave us gifts this holiday season.  Especially now, when generous gift giving often means scrimping and saving for weeks.  I'm embarrassed that I haven't done this very often.  You'll never meet anyone who drills politeness into the heads of her children head like I do.  I've been known to go ballistic if my kids didn't thank someone while trick-or-treating.  And if they don't thank someone's folks for giving them a ride somewhere, they get a 10 minute lecture from me.  So why have I chosen to be so lax on thank-you letters? I'm really not sure, but I will say that it makes me feel ashamed. 

But, this year, we're turning over a new leaf.  Perhaps this is the kind of New Year's resolution I can stick to.

I decided to make it into a fun craft this year, so Bumblebee and I got out the paint and some foam stamps and we created our own thank you cards.
*photo of Bumblebee with paint and a foam stamp:


The kids will write their thank you message inside of the cards, and I will get them in the mail.

Hopefully before the fourth of July.
*photo of Bumblebee with her thank you cards.


The Casual Perfectionist said...

My mom was a HUGE stickler of Thank Yous, and I've continued the tradition (for myself and now my daughter). One way we do it is easy and fun, too! I take photos of the event (or of us in general) and then make them into Thank You Cards with Photoshop (just save them as a .jpg). I print them at Target as prints and mail them!

For Claire's birthday party Thank Yous, I took a group photo of the partygoers and that's the one we sent.

I love your Thank Yous!

Anonymous said...

I want a hat like Bumblebee's.......I'm guessing that's an original. LOVE it!!!!! -- Abby

rhonda said...

what a great idea! i love the cards they made!

ludakristen said...

I also want Bumblebee's hat. How much does she want for it?