Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sick day.

Bumblebee started claiming that she didn't feel well last night. We were at a Mexican restaurant having dinner when it started. At the time, she wasn't fabricating an illness. She had a bad case of indigestion. Or constipation. Or the opposite of constipation. Who knows, that kid has bathroom issues. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that she ate little more than a plate of refried beans for dinner.

But anyway. She wanted to snuggle with me last night and she woke up this morning saying that she didn't feel well. Even though she had stomach issues last night, her illness transformed into a cough and sore throat by this morning.

Look at this face. She wouldn't ever tell a lie. Right?
*photo of Bumblebee, closeup of her bright blue eyes:

Of course not. She's an angel. And since she's got it in good with all of the other heavenly beings, she called in a miracle today. I'm not kidding - as soon as the school bus drove past our house and she deemed that it was too late for her to make it to school, she was cured.

*photo of Bumblebee:

Completely, 100%, dancing around the living room in her dress-up clothes cured.

I'm not one to encourage sick days. But I needed an alone day with her as much as she wanted one with me. Maybe even more.

Bumblebee, go get Finding Nemo. I'll make some popcorn.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I've been thinking about you often. You have been so good to MJ and her family. Your Dad is so lucky to have you.

Take care. Breathe.

Jane said...

Oh man. This post makes me want to take a sick day with you too.

Anonymous said...

So, we are discovering each other's blogs, today!

I had to comment on that first picture! Holy cow, Miss Blue Eyes! I love the contrast with the bricks. Great photo.

I always loved those "sick" days that my mom would let us take, too. It was like a mini-vacation.