Thursday, October 14, 2010

Football season can't be over already!

*photo of The Boy is his football uniform:
IMG_1124 - Copy

Tonight was The Boy's last football game of the season.  I can't believe it!  I know he'll miss it - he mentioned that he won't ever have to practice on the 'practice field' again because in high school football, they get to use the real football field.

I'm not even sure if he'll go out for football next year, but if he does, I'm sure he'll enjoy goofing around with his buddies like he did this year.
*photo of The Boy goofing around with two of his friends:
IMG_1120 - Copy

And he'll miss the team huddles and the camaraderie:
*photo of a team huddle
IMG_1119 - Copy

And the action:
*photo of a football play:
IMG_1102 - Copy

Even the action on the sidelines is fun:
*photo of the guys on the sidelines:
IMG_1101 - Copy

But going after a big guy and getting a tackle is even better:
*photo of a football play:

Time for everyone to shake hands:
*photo of teams shaking hands after a game:
IMG_1111 - Copy

Good game.  Good game.  Good game.


Travis Erwin said...

My oldest just finished is first year of tackle ball. His season ended early because he broke his arm at practice.

Monnik said...

Oh no, Travis! Is he ok??