Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cafe

*photo of Hollywood behind the counter at work:
Reising Sun
Hollywood has her first part time job at an adorable little small town cafe.  She makes food, takes orders, serves ice cream, lattes, desserts, you name it.  

The cafe is the cutest place ever.  Outside there are little metal bistro tables with flowers on them:
*photo of Bumblebee seated at one of those tables:
Reising Sun outside
Inside, the decor is amazing. Not only did the cafe's owner paint all of the decorations herself, but she did it in purple and orange. Purple and orange!  My favorites!! I love it:
*photo of the interior of the cafe:
Reising Sun interior

The Husband thinks I take too many pictures (who me?) so he tries to foil my plans by putting on a goofy face in them.  In this case, he seems to be thinking really hard.  "Should I order the patty melt or the reuben?"

The best thing about the decor at the cafe is the bathroom.  There are four paintings on the wall depicting each of the seasons. Check it out:
*photos of the bathroom
Reising Sun Restroom

Reising Sun bathroom

Reising Sun Bathroom

I think Hollywood's boss did a great job of decorating the place.  It's small and comfortable and did I mention they have coffee and a dozen flavors of ice cream and homemade desserts? Well, technically they're cafemade desserts.  But they're good. Trust me.

Hollywood gets to work with her friends - here she is with her good friend Mason:
Brie Mason Cafe

Watching her work brings back memories of when I was her age and worked at the Maid-Rite in my hometown.  There were so many fun people to work with there. Even though it was smelly and greasy and we had to deal with cranky customers, it didn't really feel like work as long as our friends were working too.

I'm sure she'll have similar memories when she's out of school.  I realize the theme of 'she's growing up so fast' keeps popping up here on my blog, but DUDE. I'm not kidding!  She IS growing up so fast!


Beth said...

OMG, you worked at a Maid Rite? Now I want a Maid Rite.

Dan said...

Yet another food joint first job. Makes me really happy I was big so I started as a furniture mover. {*grin*}

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

My first "real" job was A&W Root Beer.
That cafe is adorable!