Saturday, September 11, 2010

Race ya!

It's a beautiful September day. Perfect for some outdoor play.

Reggie is part collie, and collies are herding dogs. He loves to herd. The kids will start running around the back yard like this:
*photo of The Boy and Bumblebee running outside:

and Reggie'll go nuts and run as fast as he can in circles in the back yard. He's warming up for a race:
*photo of Reggie running:

Bumblebee is stretching her legs too:
*photo of Bumblebee running:



*photo of Bumblebee and Reggie running together:
Race ya!

C'mon, Bumblebee, you can do it!
*photo of Reggie taking a slight lead over Bumblebee:
Race ya, 2

Push it! Faster, faster!
*photo of Reggie taking an even bigger lead.
Race ya, 3

Don't let the furball win, Bumblebee! Run FASTER!
*photo: Reggie has an even bigger lead:
Race ya, 4

And it's Reggie for the win! Better luck next time, Bumblebee.
*photo of Reggie way out in front.
Reggie FTW!

What's the matter, pup? Are you wiped out?
*photo of The Boy rubbing Reggie's belly as he's sprawled on the grass:
Jake & Reggie

How about an ear scratch?
*photo of The Boy scratching Reggie's ear:
Scratch behind the ear...

All Reggie wants to do is chill out. He's not even harassing the cat!
*photo of Reggie and Mabel sitting together:
Reggie & Mabel

Or, maybe... A nap sounds better.
*photo of Reggie taking a nap.
Reggie lazing

I agree, Reggie. A nap sounds perfect.

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Barb said...

What a sweet looking pup!