Friday, September 10, 2010


This is the weekend of the annual Iowa/Iowa State football game. It's a huge rivalry around here, and people really get into it.

The workers in my office at Giant Ass Bank are clad in their Hawkeyes or Cyclones wear and departmental food days and team building tailgate parties are underway. There was a group of people having a bean bag toss tournament earlier this morning. (And I wonder why The Husband thinks I have a fluff job and never have to do real work.)

It's a big deal. GO CYCLONES!

The University of Iowa is on Hollywood's short list for college choices. The Husband and I both went to Iowa State University, so while we are incredibly proud of our overachiever daughter, we like to kid her about going over to the enemy. In the past, she's tried to stay neutral and like both teams, but that's tough. I suspect that she's an all out Hawkeye fan by now.

And it hurts! Actually, in Hollywood's case, it's pretty cool. She's growing up, and becoming her own person. I'd like to wrap her up and keep her in my pocket forever, but I can't. So I'll just have to be content with her being "the enemy" this time of year.

But my seven year old isn't supposed to be growing up and asserting HER independence. Not yet, anyway.

Last night, we were talking in the car on the way home from The Boy's first football game of the season. We talked about the fact that the NFL kicked off last night too. The Boy and I were hoping the Saints would pummel the Vikings.

Bumblebee decided to drop this little bomb on us: "Momma. I LIKE the Vikings. Better than the Packers."

Oh HELL NO. I can handle a Hawkeye for a daughter, but a Viking? For real?? Anything but that! Well almost anything. She can't be a Bears fan either. I won't allow it.

When I asked her why, she said it was because 'Vikings' starts with V, just like her first name does.

How can I argue with that logic?

But then... she said that her friend Reagan likes them, so she does too. Oooh, here's my chance to get her back on the side of the green and gold, I thought. I launched into a lecture on being an individual, and liking your own thing. I explained how being different from your friends is good, they'll respect that you have you own ideas and opinions. Blah, blah, and more blah. With a few yadda, yaddas thrown in. I spread it on thick.

Do you see the irony here? I was lecturing her on maintaining her individuality and not allowing others to influence her. Because she likes a different football team than I do.


She picked up on it right away.

Bumblebee: "I don't like the Vikings just because Reagan does, Mommy. I told you. They start with a V. And that's cool."

Me: "But... but... It's just not right."

Bumblebee: "And besides, MOM. You like the Packers because you fell in love with Daddy. What kind of individual are you?"

Damn it. She has me there.


Travis Erwin said...

Just tell her the Vikes are purple. The same color as eggplant. that ought to scare her off them.

Emily said...



(In Sioux Falls, its not safe to be anything but a Viking fan. Be glad you're by the Des Moines.)