Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Iowa State Fair Picture Journal

I love our state fair.

The sights! (Where else can you see a Dr Seuss scene sculpted out of butter?)
*photo of the Seuss butter sculpture:
Butter Dr Seuss

The sounds! (We sat and listened to the singers at the talent show for a long time!)
*photo of a young man playing his harmonica:
talent show contestant

The smells! (Yes, that really is an enormous bull's ass. The cattle barn smelled just like you can imagine it would.)
*photo of the giant bull:
world super bull

The tastes! (Mmmmmm, corn dogs!)
*photo of Bumblebee and The Boy eating corn dogs:
Corn dogs state fair

But my absolute favorite part of the fair is the people watching.

I could sit on a bench for the entire day and do nothing but watch mullet-sporting folks stroll on by with their kid leashes and fanny packs. And the fashionistas -I love watching them too. Cowboy boots paired with flirty little sundresses was a theme this year. It looked cute.

While I'm people watching at the fair, I like to make up stories about the strangers I'm gawking at.

Take this crowd picture, for example:
*photo of a giant crowd of people from the fair:
Iowans at the fair

I'm actually disappointed because I don't think there's a mullet in this entire crowd of people.

I like to scan the crowd and focus in on a couple and decide what their story is. This little girl with her gumball t-shirt and her sunglasses is adorable. Seriously. I want to squish her, she's so cute. It looks like she sees something up in the sky and is asking her dad about it:
*photo of the girl and her dad:
Iowans at the fair-2

"Hey Daddy. Daddy! Look! There's a balloon in the sky! Can I get one? Please??"

"Sorry, sweetie. Not now. Daddy's not feeling well. Perhaps it's because my camera strap is acting like a tourniquet around my neck and armpit. Maybe later. After we get another corn dog."

Or, let's look at this group, shall we?
*photo of another group:
Iowans at the fair-3

Lady in blue: "My goodness, Mary Beth. That's Norma Godfrey over there. See her? Tsk, tsk. I haven't seen her since she showed up in at the bridge club couples party with that young man half her age. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk."

Lady in peach: "Now Frank, I want you to bring me a beer from the bud tent. I'll stand RIGHT HERE while you go get it for me. Chop, chop."
*photo of two girls in the crowd:
Iowans at the fair-4

Girl in black: "Oh my GAWD, Ashley, what is with that guy's hat?"
Girl in green: "My dad has a hat like that. My mom won't let him wear it in public."
GiB: "Well is your dad eighty bazillion years old like this guy?"
GiG: "No, but he dresses like he is. You should see the hawaiian shirt he has. Instead of flowers it has fish all over it. Grownups are redonk."
GiB: "I know, right?"

*photo of an exhausted looking woman on a bench at the fair:
Iowans at the fair-5

I don't even have to make up a story for this lady. She's wiped out. Too much fair food and walking all over the place will do that to you.

It was a great year for the fair - we never miss it. Here are some random photos of us enjoying our day:

State Fair sky glider

Honey Lemonade!

DSCN4042 (3)

Face paint at the fair

Face Paint Fair

state fair kids only

DSCN4041 (2)

How tall?

Big Slide - state fair

Giant slide - state fair

Now that the fair is over, it's back to school for the kids this week. I'll post pictures of that soon. It's hard to believe that this summer has come to an end.

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