Monday, July 5, 2010

Scenes from a Small Town Parade

We went to the Fourth of July parade today in my hometown. The rain held off just long enough for the hordes of children to collect their candy in relative dryness. Their feet were wet from jumping in puddles along the street to chase after tootsie rolls.

I used to work at the Maid-Rite here:

Check out the guy smoking on the tailgate of his truck:

Here is the crew, sans the photographer. Brother Z and his fiancee, Bumblebee, Hollywood, and my cousin Emma:

Here are the girls before the parade started. I love the mural on the wall behind them:

The parade started with the police and fire department:

This guy with the bagpipes led a procession of veterans. Everyone stood up to clap for them and the men removed their hats as a sign of respect. This kind of thing makes my throat tight:

The band was playing the Newton fight song. "We're loyal to you, Newton High... Loyal and true, Newton High..." Ah. The memories:

This old steam engine was a favorite of the kids:

Bumblebee was disappointed that the cheer squad wasn't doing cheers as they passed her:

She was happy to see Mario! And he came up to say hi to the girls:

These little kid cars were fun:

This float was for a hair salon. The bubbles were everywhere and the kids liked chasing after them as much as the candy!

My hometown is proud of their speedway, so race cars were a sight to see at the parade too:

The horses were beautiful! This one had glitter in her mane:

Here we are at the end of the parade:

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

You always take the most beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing and Happy 4th of July!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You REALLY captured the spirit of a town parade.
I was in marching band in high school and marched in all the parades.

My favorite photo was the girls holding hands as the fire truck passed.

(still sending up little prayers for your stepmom and dad)