Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm long overdue for a pupdate, wouldn't you say?

Remember Reggie, our sweet little puppy?
*picture of Reggie as a puppy:
Reggie loves snow 2

You know, the one we got just a few short months ago? The same pup who I lovingly refer to as "little dude" in the sidebar of my blog?

Well check him out now:
*picture of a much larger Reggie:

Not so little anymore, huh? In fact, he's sixty pounds. And he's only seven months old. We sure love the "little" guy.

Yesterday was a big day for him. He had a vet appointment where he was neutered, had a microchip inserted, and had several vaccinations.

My poor puppy. I thought he'd sleep all night. They said he'd be groggy. It's funny how medications affect creatures differently. He wasn't quite himself, and he certainly didn't have the normal spring in his step that he usually has. I expected him to lay next to me on the sofa like he usually does when I'm reading a book. Instead, he wandered aimlessly around the house, walking from room to room. Just walking. Restless. Spacey. Kind of like a dog zombie.

I sure hope he's back to normal soon. Zombies freak me out.


Barb said...

He went from an adorable puppy to a beautiful dog in record time. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Travis Erwin said...

Getting neutered isn't a big day ... it's a bad, bad day.