Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today's my mom's birthday.

She's a pretty cool chick, that mom of mine.

Here she is with my kiddos:
*photo of the kids - Bumblebee is hanging off of mom's waist:

And here she is with me:
*photo of mom and me:

She's getting pretty lazy in her old age. Which is why she spends her free time doing crazy things like traveling, making beer and wine, and biking. This weekend she will go on her first RAGBRAI (a seven day bicycle ride where crazy people cycle across the entire state of Iowa.)

My entire life, people have always told me how amazing my mother is. I agree with them. She's an awesome role model, and one of those happy success stories. She has never let being blind prevent her from doing anything that she wants to do. And I respect her for that.

But do you want to know why I think she's amazing?

Just because she's Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Travis Erwin said...

A beer making mom. I like her already.

Dan said...

Making beer and wine plus cycling around Iowa in the heat and humidity - priceless!