Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day at the beach

The beach at the lake. 90 degree heat. Sunshine. Puffy clouds. Water. A light breeze. People watching. My children playing together. Swimming in the murky water. Laughter. Serenity.
*photo collage of the kids at the lake:
Beach collage

Summer, will you marry me?


Barb said...

Sounds perfect. Me, I've chosen to spend the day in my air conditioned sewing room and maybe a movie rental later tonight!

Dan said...

What? Only 90. That's cheating.

I'm happy it was a good weekend at the lake - you all deserve a relaxing time away from the grind.

NaysWay said...

You keep reminding me that I've got to get out there. My kids will kill me if I don't take them to the beach before the summer is over.