Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. We started the day by going to mass, then we headed to brunch with The Husband's mom at a Greek Italian restaurant. We had to wait a while to be seated, but the food was worth the wait. Yum! I've been severely restricting my sugar intake for the past month and it was heavenly to have dessert.

We then went to pick up my Mother's Day gift, which was a new treadmill. The Husband spent the better part of last night putting it together, and I got a nice 2 mile run in before bed.

I have three pretty great kids, so Mother's Day is a great day to be thankful for them. Bumblebee gave me a clay planter with chalkboard paint. She wrote "I love Mom" on it with chalk, and inside was a packet of flower seeds. We're going to plant them tonight. The Boy was helpful and did lots of chores for me yesterday, most of them without me asking. Hollywood gave me the following Mother's Day card - it might be hard to read, so you may have to click on it to enlarge it, but it's worth reading.
*scan of Hollywood's Mother's Day card:
Mother's Day Card 2010

I asked her if it was ok if I posted this on my blog and she agreed. She told me that she wanted my blog buddies to know that she's not a completely crazy and irresponsible teenager, since my last post was about the phone call from the sheriff. I told her that y'all already know that, but it's nice to showcase her thoughtfulness too.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That card from your daughter made me teary-eyed. Mine posted something similar on my facebook page yesterday.

Your kids are really sweet.

Monnik said...

Aw, LMSS - I just went out to your FB profile to read what she wrote. What a nice tribute to you. :)

Jenster said...

I love the letter! Katie wrote a tear-making essay for her English class about me that I copied and am keeping forever and ever! I think we have some pretty great teenagers!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love that letter!!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

You have awesome kids! What a great day.

Barrie said...

That is quite the letter!!