Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week in Review - Spring has Sprung!

It's been a while since I've done a weekend photo review post, so I thought I'd do one now.

The weather this past week was amazing. Mid seventies and sunny most days. We even got a day in the 80s and a loud thunderstorm. My flowers are so pretty. Actually, they look kind of sad, because I haven't done much yard work this year, so the early spring flowers are blooming among the withered plants from last fall. But still. They're cheerful, aren't they?
*photo of daffodils:
Spring Flowers!
*photo of white and yellow flower:
Spring Flowers 2

Bumblebee had a birthday party last weekend. It was a rock star theme - and the party invitation said to arrive dressed up like a rock star. Bumblebee was excited. I just wish someone would tell her to quit growing up. She looks so old here!
*photo of Bumblebee in her rock star outfit:
Rock Star Party

The Husband and I went out to a movie last weekend. We saw Hot Tub Time Machine, which was pretty funny. Not quite as good as The Hangover, but worth the price of admission, if for no other reason than to watch Crispin Glover as the one armed bellman. Our theater has an arcade area, and before the show I kicked TH's ass in air hockey. Here he is being a complete cheeseball:


Little Dude is doing great with his broken bones. Thankfully, The Boy isn't feeling guilty anymore - he knows it wasn't his fault and that puppies can do all kinds of silly things. Reggie's cast doesn't even seem to bother him much, but he's still not a fan of being confined all the time. We let him out to hang with us as long as he's not hyper. He's growing so much. At his vet appointment this morning, he was six pounds heavier than he was a week and a half ago! Guess I won't be able to call him "Little Dude" for much longer.
*photo of Reggie with his tongue out:
Reggie Tongue

And finally, here's what The Husband, Hollywood, and Bumblebee did to pass the time last night. They jammed out together, singing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport", which just might be the stupidest song in the history of stupid songs. (With the exception of the Phish song about your car's tires. If you don't know that one, consider yourself lucky.)
*video of them singing the goofy kangaroo song:

Maybe not American Idol material, but they sure have fun together. Anyway, that's a quick recap of the week. April brings us full swing into the busy time of year for our family. Softball, track, baseball, and all of that. It gets to be crazy, but that's life.

We're heading to spend Easter with my mom's side of the family at my aunt and uncle's house. The forecast calls for another beautiful spring day. I am so glad that the bitter cold of winter is behind us!

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