Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hollywood Runs

Hollywood's track meets are usually held on weeknights. It's a race to get from work to wherever the meet is, and it's usually cold and really windy by the time her race is up. She had another meet today. Track meets are so much more enjoyable on a sunny Saturday!
*photo of Hollywood running:
Track - 800 meter run

Hollywood recently switched from sprints and hurdles to distance running, and even though it's new to her, she seems to really enjoy the 800 meter run. She's doing great at it too - here she is on her second lap - going strong! Look at all of the girls behind her:
*photo of Hollywood running her race:
Track - 800 meter run


Barb said...

That's awesome. I could never be a runner. First off, I hate running and secondly, I injured my ankles ice skating when I was younger. Any time I ran after that, my ankles would go out.

Looks like a beautiful day out. I know ours was perfect for Nate's soccer game.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

What beautiful pictures! It must have been an awesome trip!