Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bumblebee's First Softball Game

Bumblebee had her first softball game ever on Saturday. Have you ever seen anything cuter than this in your whole life?
*photo of Bumblebee in her softball uniform:

She's not just adorable, though... She can actually play:
*video of her first hit:

Yeah, so she was out at first, but still. What a great way to start the season!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Does this thing make me look like a dumbass?

Woof. Bark. Bow-wow.

*clearing throat - switching to human*

Hey there, dudes. Reggie here. I decided to write this blog post today. What? What's so weird about a puppy writing a blog post? It's not weird. I'm sure hundreds of pups do it every day. I even hear there's a dog who wrote a whole story. Now that's impressive.

Don't you even want to know why I'm saying hello to the internet today?

Because I can, bitches!

Uh-oh. My human mom tells me that I'm not supposed to swear on here. I think that's rather hypocritical, don't you? She swears like a sailor. And besides, bitches is a legitimate word in my world.

So here's why I can write a blog post today. Both of my front paws are free. I got the cast off today!!

No cast!

Now I know my left foot looks kind of wimpy and frail here, but it'll get stronger. Because I'm a bone and muscle growing machine. Obviously. Check out these x-rays:


The quality of these pictures aren't great, but here's what they show:

Them bonez be heeld. 4 reelz.

(I tried to write like the animals do at I can has cheezburger, but no way, dude. That makes me crazy, I can't do it anymore. I clearly have a much greater intellect than those goofy kitties.)

I'm glad to have that cast off. It was heavy and I kept clanking things on it. My human mom kept getting mad at me if I plunked it down onto her toes while she was wearing flip flops. Poor baby. A little bump on the toe. I have no sympathy for her - she should try having four broken bones!!

The cast was also smelly, and they put this vile tasting no-chew wrap on it. Good riddance.

I would like to lodge a formal complaint, though. Will you readers help me? You see, just because I got a teeny bit excited and wanted to lick my leg now that the cast is off of it, the vet suggested I wear this thing:
*photo of Reggie in a cone collar:
Reggie cone 2

I am not amused. I thought my human mom would have my back and take it off for me once we got home. After all, she loves me and I have her completely at my beck and call, and she understands me! I mean, she was a thumb sucker until she was 12 years old, for crying out loud, and nobody made her wear a dumbass cone.

But no. She agrees with the vet. Well then. If that's how it's going to be, I'll just bite her face off with these really scary teeth of mine:
*photo of Reggie in the cone with his mouth open, teeth showing:
Reggie cast 4

Hmm. That didn't work. Stupid cone prevents biting people's faces off. Now what?
*photo of Reggie in the cone:
Reggie cone

I look so stupid in this thing, I can't even face you. How embarrassing.
*photo of Reggie in the cone, looking away:
Reggie cone 3

I know what to do! I'll poop on the floor the next time she lets me out of my kennel. And chew up one of her favorite sandals. That'll show her!

But I'm not going to smile and look cute for her. No way. Uh-uh. I'm mad.

Grrr... Guh-

Oh, snap. I can't stay mad at her! She gave me two cut up hotdogs as a treat when we got home from the vet. I adore that woman.
*photo of Reggie with the cone and a reasonably amiable expression:
Reggie cone 5

Now. Will someone tell her to stop taking pictures of me with her phone while driving down the street? That chick is crazy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two things that made me smile this week

It's been a hard week. This week in April always is a rough one. For reasons unknown, I had a particularly rough time on Joseph's birthday this year. It marks nine years since he was stillborn. I was a complete grump on Sunday and Monday, and felt guilty for indulging in a woe-is-me attitude (there are far more things to be thankful for in my life than to bemoan, for sure) but sometimes you just have to roll with the sadness. Self indulgent or not, spending a few days being sad was cathartic.

In the end, though, optimism won out and I am feeling happy again. Thanks, in part, to these two smile-inducing moments:

1. Voice Message from Bumblebee:

Bumblebee is reading on her own now, and super excited about it. This morning, I left for work at 6 a.m. and she was up reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I got to work and she had left me this voice mail. That kid makes me smile, and hooray for reading!

Bumblebee's Voice Mail Message

2. Facebook conversation with Brother Z:

My brother Z tagged me in a photo that his girlfriend uploaded to Facebook. The photo was atrocious. It involved me on a horse and some unsightly stomach rolls (unfortunately, the stomach rolls were on me, not the horse.) I instantly removed the tag of me and sent him a facebook message.

For some reason, Brother Z calls me sisTOR (like sis - store). I don't really know why (he's kind of a freak) but it cracks me up. I'm easily amused, I guess. That's why this little Facebook conversation made me smile:
Mom, if you want a transcript of it, email me and I'll send it. It's hard to copy directly so I just grabbed a screenshot:
Facebook - Messages - Dude._1271855072384

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hollywood Runs

Hollywood's track meets are usually held on weeknights. It's a race to get from work to wherever the meet is, and it's usually cold and really windy by the time her race is up. She had another meet today. Track meets are so much more enjoyable on a sunny Saturday!
*photo of Hollywood running:
Track - 800 meter run

Hollywood recently switched from sprints and hurdles to distance running, and even though it's new to her, she seems to really enjoy the 800 meter run. She's doing great at it too - here she is on her second lap - going strong! Look at all of the girls behind her:
*photo of Hollywood running her race:
Track - 800 meter run

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo Journal: San Antonio Trip

The Husband and I had the most amazing weekend. I had a business meeting in San Antonio on Thursday, so we decided to have TH fly down and stay on for the weekend. We got a room in a hotel on the Riverwalk and had no plans other than to relax and enjoy each other's company.

No plans. None.

Well, we had some things in mind for sure, but I won't go into them because this is a PG blog and my kids read it sometimes, and I wouldn't want to gross them out. I'm sure you can figure out what they were.

So here are some of the other things that we did.

We walked around the gorgeous San Antonio Riverwalk:
*photo of the riverwalk with colorful umbrellas over the restaurant tables lined up along the walkway:
San Antonio Riverwalk

*photo of an ivy covered bridge over the riverwalk:
SA Riverwalk

*photo of the riverwalk at dusk - with the lights on the buildings:
SA Riverwalk 2

I appreciated the little details like this staircase that had pots of flowers attached to the wrought iron:

Flower pot SA Riverwalk

The Husband was good natured with the pictures. He even smiled in most of them! Of course he had to remind me that he hates getting his picture taken, but I ignored him. He'll thank me someday, right?
*photo of TH standing in front of a fountain on the riverwalk:
SA Riverwalk

In addition to the Riverwalk, we walked around San Antonio's El Mercado (Market Square). The place was amazing, and we did some serious shopping there:
*photo of the market with lots of people and open shops:
SA El Mercado (Market Squar)

There's a famous restaurant at Market Square called Mi Tierra. Someone had told me that they had a wonderful bakery, so of course we went in. It was complete chaos in front of the pastry counter. But when we finally got there, this is what we saw:
*photo of a pastry counter with hundreds of delicious looking baked goods:
SA Mi Tierra Bakery

They had musicians playing a fancy marimba. They were really good too!
*photo of the musicians:
Mi Tierra Musicians

While we were out and about, we had to try on cowboy hats. I love the one that TH tried on here:
*photo of TH with a cowboy hat:
Cowboy Hat

I wish I'd have bought this hat for myself. But, I have no idea where I'd wear it, so I resisted the urge to spend money on it. Still. It's cute, right?
*photo of me with the cowboy hat:
Cowboy Hat

And of course, we had to check out the Alamo and the Cathedral where the Alamo heroes are buried:
*photo of TH and me in front of the Alamo:
The Alamo

There was an amazing tree in the courtyard that was so giant I couldn't take a picture of it all. All I wanted to do was climb it.
*photo of the tree:
Tree at the Alamo

The Husband got chills when he put his hand on this tomb that held the ashes of the Alamo heroes:
*photo of TH next to the tomb at the cathedral:
Tomb of The Alamo Heroes

So as you can tell, we did a lot of walking around, checking out the local sights, and peoplewatching. It was amazing, but for me, the best part of the weekend was when we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. We were luxuriously lazy and slept in each morning, rising just in time for lunch. Sangria with salsa and chips - the perfect lunch:
*photo of wine and chips:
Sangria and salsa

We found a cigar and martini bar the first night of our stay and went back there each evening. We made some nice memories hanging out there, relishing the time we had to spend together.
*photo of TH and me sitting at a table together:
San Antonio D & Me

The Husband even bought me a rose while we were out one evening. (Awwww....) Isn't the vase I chose to put it in cute?
*photo of a rose in a Red Stripe bottle:
San Antonio Rose

I think these photos show that we had an amazing time on our trip. Reconnecting and spending time alone together is so important for couples. I wish TH and I could do it more often. Special thanks to my mother-in-law, Brother Z and his girlfriend for taking care of the kids (and the gimpy puppy) while we were gone. Without help from them, we wouldn't have been able to go on this much needed getaway.

And, finally, thanks to The Husband for an unforgettable weekend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a nice Easter weekend. I can describe it in a few short words: Baby, Horseback Riding, Brothers, Cousins, Dogs, and Table Conversation.


My cousin recently had this adorable baby. Here's my Brother Z's girlfriend cuddling with her:
*photo of Molly holding Baby J:
Easter 2010 1

Bumblebee wanted to hold her too:
*photo of Bumblebee holding Baby J:
Easter 2010 7

I let them have a few moments with her, but I admit to keeping her to myself for the better part of the afternoon. Sigh... babies. I can't get enough of them. How they feel, how they look, and oh how they smell. That smell. They should bottle it. On second thought, maybe not. If The Husband wore baby scented cologne, I'd probably have seventeen kids by now.
*photo of me holding Baby J:
Easter 2010 2

Horse-back riding!

The horse's name is Babe. Poor thing - she had a whole slew of us riding her. I even rode her, but I refuse to post pictures of it because trust me, it's not a pretty sight. Hollywood thought it would be HIGH-larious to take a video of me hoisting myself up on the horse. Let's just say that the file mysteriously disappeared from my camera. I have no idea how it happened; technology sure is flaky!

At any rate, the kids seemed to be much more comfortable on a horse than I was.
*photo of Bumblebee on a horse:
Easter 2010 13

See? Looks like The Boy was born to ride that thing. Check out my cousin in the background. He's thinking, "What in the world is she taking all of these pictures for? It's just a horse." I love that he's holding a giant bottle for the calf they were feeding earlier.
*photo of The Boy on a horse:
Easter 2010

The girls enjoyed riding Babe too.
*photo of the girls on a horse:
Easter 2010 4

I think the cigar in The Husband's mouth makes this a rather interesting picture, doesn't it? Babe didn't seem to mind, though:
*photo of TH on a horse:
Easter 2010 4

Brothers (and the horse)!

That Brother L of mine... I always knew he was a horse's... uh, friend.
*photo of L on a horse - taken from behind:
Easter 2010 9

This expression on Brother K's face goes along with the word 'Shady' printed on his sweatshirt:
*photo of K on a horse:
Easter 2010 11


These are my cousins Jess and Emma. Jess just had a baby. A month ago. Look at her! She looks great - and it was very nice of her to let me steal her baby for the day. She also supervised the horseback riding, which was great since my kids (Bumblebee in particular) don't know that you shouldn't walk right behind a horse. Silly children.
*Jess and Emma and a pony:
Easter 2010 10

This is my cousin Anne. I love this photo, because Babe looks just like I did earlier. ("Get that camera out of my face, or I'm going to punch you in the neck!")
*Photo of Anne on a horse:
Easter 2010 12


We took Reggie with us (of course!) and he had a blast playing with all the dogs on the farm. I thought he might be nervous around them, but he wasn't at all. This blue heeler was a gorgeous dog. Kind of afraid of all of us people, but she (he? I can't remember...) sure liked Reggie:
*Photo of Reggie playing with Ang's dog:

Hollywood liked chilling out with Reggie and this gorgeous sheltie:
*Photo of Hollywood playing with Reggie and another dog:
Easter 2010 6

The Boy and my cousin Jacob liked playing with the big dogs:

Easter 2010

Table conversations!

And of course the nicest part of Easter with the family is the talk around the table with lots of food, wine, and laughter. This is my mom, grandparents, and aunt and uncle hanging out around the table:

Easter 2010 8

I sure lucked out in the family department, that's for sure.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week in Review - Spring has Sprung!

It's been a while since I've done a weekend photo review post, so I thought I'd do one now.

The weather this past week was amazing. Mid seventies and sunny most days. We even got a day in the 80s and a loud thunderstorm. My flowers are so pretty. Actually, they look kind of sad, because I haven't done much yard work this year, so the early spring flowers are blooming among the withered plants from last fall. But still. They're cheerful, aren't they?
*photo of daffodils:
Spring Flowers!
*photo of white and yellow flower:
Spring Flowers 2

Bumblebee had a birthday party last weekend. It was a rock star theme - and the party invitation said to arrive dressed up like a rock star. Bumblebee was excited. I just wish someone would tell her to quit growing up. She looks so old here!
*photo of Bumblebee in her rock star outfit:
Rock Star Party

The Husband and I went out to a movie last weekend. We saw Hot Tub Time Machine, which was pretty funny. Not quite as good as The Hangover, but worth the price of admission, if for no other reason than to watch Crispin Glover as the one armed bellman. Our theater has an arcade area, and before the show I kicked TH's ass in air hockey. Here he is being a complete cheeseball:


Little Dude is doing great with his broken bones. Thankfully, The Boy isn't feeling guilty anymore - he knows it wasn't his fault and that puppies can do all kinds of silly things. Reggie's cast doesn't even seem to bother him much, but he's still not a fan of being confined all the time. We let him out to hang with us as long as he's not hyper. He's growing so much. At his vet appointment this morning, he was six pounds heavier than he was a week and a half ago! Guess I won't be able to call him "Little Dude" for much longer.
*photo of Reggie with his tongue out:
Reggie Tongue

And finally, here's what The Husband, Hollywood, and Bumblebee did to pass the time last night. They jammed out together, singing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport", which just might be the stupidest song in the history of stupid songs. (With the exception of the Phish song about your car's tires. If you don't know that one, consider yourself lucky.)
*video of them singing the goofy kangaroo song:

Maybe not American Idol material, but they sure have fun together. Anyway, that's a quick recap of the week. April brings us full swing into the busy time of year for our family. Softball, track, baseball, and all of that. It gets to be crazy, but that's life.

We're heading to spend Easter with my mom's side of the family at my aunt and uncle's house. The forecast calls for another beautiful spring day. I am so glad that the bitter cold of winter is behind us!