Friday, March 5, 2010

Things Just Got Crazier at the Frazzled House...

Ack! I missed a birthday post for my little man. That's not good! I did post pics and birthday messages to The Boy on Facebook, so it's not like I forgot or anything, but still. His birthday was Wednesday. Here's a picture of him on the morning that he turned 13. A teenager. I can't believe it:
*photo of The Boy:

And, here's what happened when I sent Hollywood out for some wrapping paper for him. Disney princesses. Kid's got her uncle K's sense of humor, Lord help her. The Boy didn't seem to mind, though:
*photo of The Boy in front of presents with pink princess wrapping paper:
Princess wrapping paper

It was a nice birthday. We took him to Red Lobster for dinner, and he got lots of fun presents. He's having a sleepover party tonight to celebrate with his friends.

Thanks to you all for the kind words about losing Merlin. We miss her, she was a great dog for our family, and it was hard to see her go.

We didn't waste any time getting a new furball, though. Meet Reggie, our new collie/retriever mix:
*photo of Reggie and The Boy:
the teenager with Reggie

Isn't he awesome? Check it out, he loves having his belly rubbed:
*photo of TH rubbing Reggie's belly:
Belly rub!

And he loves getting kisses from Bumblebee:
*photo of Bumblebee and Reggie:
Puppy kisses

He also loves humping people's legs, but I didn't take a picture of that. Isn't 9 weeks kind of early for that kind of thing??

He's definitely full of energy, making things a little nuts at our house at the moment, but we love him and are having fun teaching him new things!


Travis Erwin said...

Reggie? As in Reggie Bush? Come on admit it, you've ditched the green and gold and jumped aboard the Who Dat express.

Monnik said...

HA. no, as in Reggie WHITE. #92 for the green and gold.

But I do like Reggie Bush - had him on my fantasy team last year and he came through for me.


Anonymous said...

Cast not the first stone. ........................................

Swishy said...

STOP IT ... he's really 13?!?! Holy crap ... time is flying! What a cutie.