Sunday, March 28, 2010

Springtime Sundays

I like to hide out in my sun room and spy upon my family as they play in our yard on days like today. Listening to them laugh and play together makes me smile. It kind of makes my heart hurt a little bit too.

You know, because it's so full it might burst.
*photo of The Husband playing ball in the back yard with The Boy and Bumblebee:

Spring softball practice
*another photo of the same scene:
Spring softball practice 2
*photo of Bumblebee climbing on TH's back while they lay on the grass and pet Reggie:
Springtime Play
*another photo of the same scene:
Springtime Fun

Oh Spring...

How I've missed you!


Ginny Marie said...

We spent an hour at the park today! Finally, we have some nice weather, too!

Those are beautiful pictures. Yay, Spring!

Jess Riley said...

Oh, looks like fun! I'm soooo loving the weather right now.

(Your pup is SOOO CUTE!!!)

Dan said...

Your grass is certainly greener than ours - but give it a week or two. We had one day in the 80s this week.