Saturday, March 20, 2010

Show Choir

They didn't have show choir when I was a kid. And even if they did, there's no way in HELL you could've talked me into trying out for it.

Singing and dancing in front of a crowd every weekend for a couple of months? No way.

But, Hollywood does it (see why we call her Hollywood?). And she's really enjoyed it. I absolutely love watching her group perform. I was really sad to see this year's show choir season end. And good grief, should we count how many times I say 'really' in this blog post?

They did songs from three popular musicals: Jersey Boys, RENT, and Mamma Mia. Of course you know I love RENT - the music is ah-mazing! So I squealed in delight when Hollywood told me that she landed a solo during the RENT songs. She did a great job, and had to hit a really high note during the song. Here she is singing that solo: (All photos were taken by Kelly Fourez of 4A Digital Photography - I just played around with them after I scanned them.)

Brie show choir 2010 003

Here she is again - another closeup of her singing:

Brie show choir 2010 005

This is a fun group shot, because they seem to be having such a great time out there:

Brie show choir 2010 004

And finally, another solo shot of her:

Brie show choir 2010 006

Pretty great pictures, and also a pretty great kid. I think I'll keep her.


Jenster said...

Oh my gosh, Monnik!! She looks just like she belongs up there - very comfortable and professional. She's gorgeous and yes, "Hollywood" fits her perfectly. Any chance we get to hear her???? I mean before she's famous and all.

Barb said...

Just beautiful pictures. You must be so proud. I wish I could sing! Do you all watch "Glee?" It's one of our favorites. Didn't know they still did that in school.