Friday, March 19, 2010

Having a Puppy Completely Rules Your Life

Having a puppy is fun. Really.

But I'm exhausted. Really, really.

Reggie is a mild mannered, good-spirited furball, though. I've been calling him "Little Dude" but he's growing so quickly that I won't be able to call him that for long:
*photo of Reggie on his leash:

Look at all that mud! He loves getting dirty, but at least he's ok with getting a bath and being brushed too.
*another photo of Reggie:
Look at all that mud to play in!

He enjoys playing with other dogs. Here he is with his 'cousin' Chloe (my brother's dog):


And here he is with his 'Aunt' Bella (my mother-in-law's dog):

Reggie and Aunt Bella

He has a problem with mouthing/play biting, which is normal for a puppy. We tell the little ones that if he gets too rough while playing to cross their arms and turn their backs to him.

Uh, yeah. That technique didn't work out so well for my nephew:
*photo of Reggie humping A's back:

Bumblebee thinks that when he does this, he's "hugging" someone's leg instead of "humping" it, as she's undoubtedly heard the adults say.

He doesn't mind his kennel, which is good. We have a giant sized one, so that's why there's a laundry basket in the back half of it. As you can tell, he gets all comfortable in there while he takes his naps:
*photo of Reggie sprawled out on his back in the kennel:

He's a bit of a psycho, though. We gave him a pig's ear and honest to God, he barked at it for half an hour before he started chewing on it. I'll leave you with the video:

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WebGal said...

Aww...he's just adorable. He looks so soft and huggable!