Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I do not! Now go get me more coffee!"


The other night, Bumblebee, The Husband and I were watching the Olympics in the living room. The cat hopped up onto the end table next to the love seat that TH was sitting on. She promptly leaned over and threw up all over the floor. (sorry - cat vomit is not the point of this post. I don't mean to always be writing about barf.)

"Yuck. You should probably clean that up before the dog gets to it." I told The Husband. (It was, after all, on his side of the living room!)

He completed the clean-up without complaint. In fact, he was almost cheerful as he said, "I'd much rather clean this up than dog shit. It doesn't smell bad or anything."

That's when Bumblebee piped up and delivered this quote-worthy announcement:

"Mom," she said. "You treat people like they're your minions."

How does she even know that word?

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