Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey, How are ya?

Howdy! It's been a long time! How's it going? Thought I'd pop in and give an update or two, though this will be a rambling brain dump.

February isn't turning out to be any better than January. Well, I take that back. It's closer to spring, so by default, it's better than January. And, after being sick last weekend, at least we're all feeling better, so thank God for small miracles.

Learning: My new job is getting better. I'm starting to learn things. Still looking for things to keep me busy, but I'm sure that will change. I'm still struggling with not having many 'friends' or acquaintances at the new building. But on the other hand, having no friends forces my jiggly butt to the gym over lunch, so maybe that's not a good thing.

Annoying: Speaking of the gym, I worked out later than the usual lunch crowd today and had no warm water in the showers afterward. Brrr!

Inconvenient: Our home computer is fried, thanks to a few viruses that The Boy accidentally downloaded. My brainy brother is going to have to revive it from the dead, but until then, no iTunes and working with photographs is almost impossible.

Depressing: Football is over. This was a weird season - my Packers were decent, but not stellar; Aaron Rodgers really became Green Bay's QB and not just Brett Favre's successor; and then there was the drama with the Vikings and Favre. Yuck. But, at least the Superbowl was fun to watch.

Infuriating: Just like the rest of the country, we've had snowfall after snowfall. Everywhere you look, there are six to ten feet piles of snow. It's horrible, but it's pretty. I'm so over winter.

Exhausting: Because of being confined to the house due to bad weather so much, my kids are at each other's throats. Bumblebee and The Boy will not stop fighting. It's driving me nuts and the other night I made them put on their coats and snow boots and run around the house in the (very deep) snow and the super cold temps. Hollywood said I was being a child abuser, but they needed to cool off and that was actually fairly effective.

Fun: We had a fun trip to a wildlife refuge this past weekend, and I'll post pictures on that later. My brother and his girlfriend came along with me and the kids to go on a snowshoe hike through a bison and elk refuge. It was pretty cool, and a great break from the usual stuck in the house routine that mother nature has dictated lately.

Boring: Wow, this is a boring drive by post. I promise I'll get more interesting as the weather thaws.

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