Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

Remember when I wrote a letter to December and told it how much I hated January? Well this January has been one so crazy/stressful/busy that it should go down in the Suck Hall of Fame.

First of all, the weather is awful - worse than usual for January in Iowa. We've had one snowstorm after another followed by frigid temperatures (one day it was -20 before the windchill calculation), and now today school's closed because of an ice storm. There are two months of winter left (maybe more - it's Iowa) and already the kids have had 6 snow days. Unbelievable.

Another sucky part of this January is how strange things have been at work. I accepted a new position at Giant Ass Bank. It's in a completely different division of GAB and my new office is in a building across town. The transition out of my old role and into my new one has been awkward. I won't go into the details because you don't care. Really. But it's been strange.

I started my new gig on Monday. I think I'm really going to like it. But I don't know anybody yet, except for my new boss. She's a rad steak with awesomesauce, but nobody else knows me yet, and things are weird at this new office because there are so many people working on so many different things that it's possible to not even know the name of the person who sits in the cube across from you, let alone what they do for the company. I know it will get better and people will begin to appreciate my awesomeness and I will make friends. But I had several really great friends at the old job and I miss them.

Don't even get me started on how stupid I feel at the moment. I was the web guru at my old job. The one who could answer anything about the internet channel for my old division. Now I know nothing. I know, I know, I'll learn. But this stage of a new job is frustrating. I like it when people think I'm smart.

All of the stress from the weather and work aside, January has been really horrible because of a tragedy in our family. My step-mom's daughter died suddenly on the morning of the 11th. She was only 28 and leaves behind a husband and two daughter who are only 4 years and six months old. My step mom is empty, broken, and literally withered from this crippling loss. She will never fully recover from it, but I hope that she can pick up the pieces of her shattered life and go on knowing that she was a wonderful mom to Carrie and that she's loved very much by her children, her husband (my Dad) and her stepchildren.

My brothers and I went out to the funeral which was held in New York, where our step mom's family lives. I'm proud that we all made it a priority to support the family in this unspeakable time. And although it was sad, it was nice to be together too. My Aunt T also flew in for the funeral, and I know that meant the world to my Dad, who was glad to have his big sister by his side.

My maternal grandparents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and Mom threw a party for them. Sadly, it fell on the weekend that we were at the funeral, so we were unable to be there for it. I know this was disappointing to Mom, and I was sorry to miss the celebration. I hear it was a fun one and that my aunt lost her voice from laughing so much.

So there you have it. January still sucks and I've been a bad blogger. I hope it will get better. And hey, there's only 11 days left in Yuckuary. I know better than to say that it can't get worse, so instead, I'll throw this sentiment out there: 11 days isn't so long. February will be here before we know it. And February rocks. Because really awesome people were born in February.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Hmmm... I haven't posted for a few weeks. Why, you might ask?

Because I'm freezing my ovaries off this winter and hibernation suits me better. (I've got the thick layer of blubbery insulation to prove it.)

I'll be back soon.

I promise.