Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well hello, Winter!

Now that's what I call a snowstorm! We actually had lightning and thunder as the snow was falling. I've mentioned that I hate the cold and snowy weather that Iowa brings each year, but I have to admit that was cool. I've lived in Iowa for 35 of my 36 years and have never seen (or heard, as the case may be) thundersnow before!

We got about 14 inches of actual snow, and yeah, that's a ton of snow, but the drifting is what's crazy. And the wind's still howling like crazy out there, so it'll continue to drift even more. Looks like we'll have a blanket of snow on the ground all winter long:
*photo of my deck with 3 ft snow drifts:
Snowstorm - deck

*photo of the snow drift coming off the roof:
Snowstorm - deck 2

*photo of the snow covered back yard:
snowstorm - steps

*photo of the snowdrift in the driveway:
snowstorm - driveway

There is some good to this, however. Giant Ass Bank actually closed their offices today so I have a snow day home with the kids! I'm going to hang out in my pajamas and bake Christmas cookies all afternoon!

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